Thursday, December 17, 2009

Crab Salad

Confession: I post recipes here because I lose things and there are some recipes that I am lost without. This is one of them. I have spent days looking for this recipe so I could take it to my Quilt Guild's Christmas Party tonight and FINALLY found it. So..... I am posting this recipe here so I will be able to find it next time I want it AND because it is so fabulous I want to share it with my readers too.

Jill's Crab Salad
I got this from my daughter's best friend's mom. She has lost an amazing amount of weight in the past few years and when I asked her what her secret was, she said it was a handful of recipes that she loved, that were good for her, and safe to eat (meaning you aren't going to hurt any diet by eating them). They also have a good balance of fats and proteins which fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied. Combined with smart carbs, you have a great meal.

So..... Here is the fabulous crab salad recipe.

Jill's Crab Salad

1 cup imitation crab meat chunked
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/4 cup green onion, chopped
1/4 cup green pepper, chopped
1 cup cottage cheese
vinegar (a dash to taste)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix together and enjoy.
This is great with veggies, crackers, and a slice of fresh bread and a cup of V8 juice.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Puppy Pouches

I wanted to share a fabulous Etsy Find with you!!
Bottom Zipper a
I am afraid he is my favorite. I know you shouldn't have them, But I do. I wouldn't mind if this puppy followed me home!
Blue a
Here is another that isn't in the shop yet.
How do I have access to such a photo you ask?
Well the Etsy Shop owner just so happens to be my fabulous Big Brother Sam.
He has wicked sweet leather working skill and an incredible talent for creating these fabulous bags/pouches. I am sure his wife might have something to do with the creative design though.
They were married in Japan and lived there for 10 years before moving onto the farm here next door to me and my little family. It has been great for the last few years to have cousins right next door. His sons helped my poor lonely boy have instant brothers before his own brother was born. My girls have been there to balance out life for his one daughter.
One last treat for you.
Kitty 1 a
Now head on over to Sam's Etsy Shop "Sam Hill" and send some etsy love.
How do you send Etsy love you ask?
You go to Etsy and log in or sign up if you haven't already, and then check out his shop and favorite it with a little red heart. Better yet, you actually buy one of his pouches.
Hey I will go one more, if you buy one of his pouches and tell him that Lucy sent you, I will include a bar of my fabulous soap with the pouch for free! You can't beat that.
Now run over there before my big sisters swoop down and snatch them up. You have a running start because some of them are techno challenged and can't even log into Etsy yet. hee hee but I didn't tell you that. HA!
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