Friday, September 15, 2017

Life Changes and We Move With Them

Life had changed so much for me since I started blogging.  When I started here I had little kids.  I stayed at home and took care of them.  I gardened and did what I could to be self sufficient so I could afford to stay home with them. 
Today, my children are teens and young adults..... and one tiny baby.   We had a surprise baby this year.  She has been the most amazing adventure we have all been on.  There is a 21 year gap between her and her oldest sibling.  She is beautiful, loved, and such a joy.  I always knew she would be part of my family but I had given up hope years and years ago that she would be mine. 
I still stay at home.  I am so blessed to be able to do this and spend my time with my littlest one and my other children.  I still garden and farm.  We still do all we can to be self sufficient so that we can enjoy this simpler life. 
Other life changes that have happened are that we have discovered that one of our daughters is now Celiac.  This has brought huge changes for our life.  We now have 2 kitchens.  One is devoted to being gluten free and the other is not.  This allows me to fix food safely for her (and myself) and still allows me to fix bread for my other children who are not gluten intolerant. 
I have watched both my parents pass away since starting here.  My father first nearly 10 years ago and my mother 2 1/2 years ago.  Both were my life and my children's lives.  We were happy with them.  We moved my mother in with us after dad died and took care of her till her end.  See, 45 years ago, I was a surprise baby to my two aging parents.  I was their bonus baby girl (they decided to be brave and have another baby so I wouldn't be alone and so I have a fabulous little brother.)  I learned so much from them and so did my children.  I miss them daily and there is an ache inside that I know that my little one doesn't get to grow up knowing them in this life.  I know all the things people say about that... all the cliche words... but I was that kid.  I know how sad it is on grandparent's day when you don't have one... and never really did have one.  My grandparents all were all gone but one by my first birthday and he was far away most of my first 8 years so I rarely got to see him.  I love to watch my little one look off to the corners of the room and coo and giggle at thin air.  I know my mom and dad and my mother-in-law are there letting this little one know how much she is loved.  I am glad that is there.  My job is to tell her their stories, to share their love,  and show her their things.  That is what I had and I loved it. It's what I had.
I hope to be able to get back into blogging.  I have been asked and asked to please do it again.  We have lots to share.  Being a baker, I have not taken the transition to Gluten Free quietly.  I refuse to eat food that tastes and feels terrible.  I have made some amazing discoveries (for me) and need to share them.  My GF friends that come to eat with us are always amazed that I have figured out how to make certain things GF and that they taste as good if not better than their memory of the original.  Bread is another story... I can't make anything that doesn't taste like baked play dough but... I am sure we will figure something out... sometime. 
I am going to have to learn how to blog all over again.  I can't even remember how to add a picture.... ack.  I will do my best.  Life is fun and we will figure this out.  I will have to do some new learning.  Thank you for coming back for a visit.  I am looking forward to sharing more with you.
Lots of love,
Mama Byrd
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