Thursday, January 31, 2008

Raspberry Fluff Pie - PPP - January

Ok this is a quicky pie. We got snow today so I had to come up with something that I had in the fridge.

Pie Tip --
Pie 1
Ceramic pie plates really are quite wonderful. They tend to make a better crust on your pie. They conduct the heat better and stay warm longer which crisps up the crust a little better. Besides that, they look wonderful. This is my Favirite pie plate. I got it about the time I got married. My big brother Joe Bennion made it.

Pie 2
Raspberry Fluff Pie

35 large marshmallows
1/2 cup milk
2 cups frozen raspberries
1 cup whipping cream, whipped
2 baked pie shells (grahm cracker crusts would work)
Chocolate topping (ganache)

Melt the marshmallows and the milk together. Stir in the raspberries. Set aside and cool.
Stir in the whipped cream. Pour into baked pie shell. Pour chocolate topping on top and chill.
Cut and serve.

Chocolate Ganache
1 cup cream
1 cup or so of dark chocolate chips
Bring the cream just to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the chocolate. Stir until melted.

Year of the Mouse - PPP - Potholder

Please remember that P also stands for Perfect, and that DONE is BETTER than Perfect!!

I did this really fast so bear with the imperfections in sewing this time (ok most times).

In keeping with the theme of the Year of the Mouse or Rat, the potholder for January is mouse related.
This is just a simple, padded square pot holder, the simplest of potholders.

White scraps for mice
Dark scraps for background and backing
Scraps of bias binding tape
Decorative thread for embelishments

HP 3
1. Cut out your background piece. Mine is 8 inches square. I like a hotpad big enough to cover most things.
HP 2 HP 4
2. Make some teardrop shaped templates, one large, one small. Trace them onto your "mouse fabric". Double the fabric over and sew directly on the lines all the way around. Trim the mice to about 1/4" of the line.

HP 5 HP 6
3. Make a slit in one side of the mouse body. Turn the mouse right side out and press. Place the mice on the background fabric where you like them and stitch in place.
HP 7
4. Use your thread to add details to your mouse like ears, nose, and tail.
HP 9
5. Layer the top, batting and backing together and pin to stablize. The batting and backing should be larger than the top.
HP 10
6. Top stitch around the outside edge to anchor the three layers. Now quilt in any fashion you like. I tried to stipple and found that I kinda bite at that and need some more practice.
HP 11
7. Add the bias binding tape and you are done.
HP 1
This one was done so very fast. It is not perfection but it will do and will be just fine for spilling chili and such.

Year of the Mouse - PPP - Pincushion

Year of the Mouse 2008
Mouse 2
This year is the year of the rat/mouse. I thought I would do something with that theme. Then I realized that I am a rat/mouse born in 1972, so is my son Joe born in 1996. You can check out the links to information. It was a fun read.
On to the tutorial. As I have said before, this year my tutorials are going to be PPP's, pincushions, potholders and pies. I started in on this project the day my dad had his heart attack and now I finally have a free minute to get back to it and finish it.
Mouse Pincushion
6 inch square of fabric
felt scraps
black purl cotton
Mouse 3
1. Take the 6" square of fabric and cut the corner off. I measured in 2 3/4" from the corner in each direction and cut it off.
Mouse 4 mouse 5
2. Fold the square in half to for a triangle and sew along the long open edge. Turn right side out and poke out the tip with a sharp object.
Mouse 6 Mouse 7
3. Fold the top edge under and stitch by hand with a gathering stitch.
Mouse 8 Mouse 9
4. Stuff firmly with batting and draw the gathering up tight.
Mouse 10 Mouse 1
5. Insert the tail and stitch in place. If you are not able to stitch the hole up tight you can cut a scrap of the felt and tack it in place.
Mouse 11 Mouse 16
6. Cut out some little ears from the felt scraps. Stitch them to the head and add eyes and whiskers with the black purl cotton.
You're Done!
Mouse 14

Saturday, January 26, 2008

O Mio Babbino Caro

O my Dearest Daddy
My Dearest Daddy passed away past last night.

My father was almost 86 years old. He was born during the early 1920's.
Baby Daddy
By age ten he was the head cook and bottle washer at his father's farm out in the Utah Desert.
Owen Cabowen
I love this picture. You see the concern for his responsibilities in his face. My son is much like him.
He served a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in the Minnesota and Canada.
This is his mission photo. Wasn't he handsome?
He served stateside in the US army during WWII. His older brothers were overseas.
He married my mother in the Salt Lake Temple in 1949.
Mom and Dad
They had 13 children. (I am number 12). I was the daughter of his old age. He was 50 when I was born.
Dad, me and Jenny
(that is me and our donkey Jenny)
It was pretty wonderful to come at the end of such a large family. I got to share many things with my brothers and sisters but got a lot of my parents later time to myself. This was pretty special.
Some of the driving forces in his life were his love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his family.
Most of my favorite memories of him involve him reading to us from the scriptures.
Another passion in his life has been the Boy Scouts of America.
The Scout
He participated in the program and loved telling stories bout a scouting jamboree in Washington DC. He worked with most of his sons and some of his grandsons with the scouting program.
Dad and Jon
Here he is with my little brother Jonny at a scout camp. My dad was a master fire builder and taught me how to successfully build a fire with one match by the time I was eight.
He passed this information on to my son Joe.
Fire and Dad
My son finally mastered it the week before my father passed away and was thrilled to be able to tell him of that before he passed.
My favorite memories of my father of him with my children.
Twelve years ago my father suffered a massive heart attack and had to have 7 bypasses done. I remember the doctors saying that if he didn't find a purpose to live, that he would not live long. We all loved him and liked having him there but none of us NEEDED him like he needed to be needed. Two months later my oldest son was born and my father was NEEDED.
Wind of the Western Sea
You can see the scar on my father's chest from the heart surgery.
When Joe was six weeks old, I had to return to work as a school teacher. My father was his primary care provider.
Papa and Joe
He took care of Joe everyday until he went to Kindergarten.
To keep himself healthy, my father would walk at least a mile everyday all year round.
Right up to the last, he walked to keep his heart going. It worked.
Last year Joe was home schooled and would walk every morning with his Papa.
Walking with Dinosaurs
This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and Joe.

Papa Tell Me a Story
They had great times together. My dad was the best story teller. He loved to read stories to the little kids.
My father, being a college professor, always used big words with Joe and all my children. My son had a very large and interesting vocabulary. My father loved Geology and taught it for many years at BYU. My son loved paleontology and the two of them loved to identify rocks and fossils.
My father continued to help care for the rest of my five children. He was great to hold them, love them, and sing to them. He sang my children a special lulluby that his mother sang to him more than 80 years ago.
Wind of the Western Sea,
Blow, Blow, breath and blow,
Wind of the Western Sea,
Over the rolling waters go,
Come with the dieing wind and blow.
Blow him again to me,
While my little one,
While my pretty one,
While my little one sleeps.
(this is the poem by Tennyson)

hannah and Dad
I think though the best memory we will have of my father is his last day here. He was moved from ICU to a private room before hospice took him home. Bryan was able to bring the kids up to see him that morning. He was rallied himself and really had a good time with my children. He told them he loved them, cheered them up and gave of his great kindness to them. My little Hannah is only 5 years old and it just broke her little heart to see her Papa so sick. He called her over to him and she crawled up with him and he took time to comfort this little girl. It was a pretty tender moment in our family.

I appreciate the concern voiced by my blogging friends that have taken the time to track my down and find out where I am. I am sorry that I haven't been here to post for a couple of weeks but dieing isn't an easy thing to go through.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

PPP - Pincushions, Pot Holders, and Pie


This year I am going to be posting new tutorials. Last year was aprons, and this will be pincushions, pot holders and pies. I will still be aproning all over the place but most of my tutorials will be for the PPPs. I will be posting this months Pincushion, pot holder and pie very soon.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap - Spring 2008

OK, I have been sitting on this bit of information for about as long as I can.
I am going to host 4 apron swaps in 2008. I am so excited about this, I can't stand it!!
The swaps will be run though my new
Apron Swap Blog.
The first swap is due in March and the aprons are to be made with a Spring Theme. For all the details go here to read up on them and sign up. I can't wait to see all the aproning friends that come!!
*(The very talented Deanna of Domestic Chicky Designs created the lovely button for me.)

Gyoza Soup

OK, I am so trying to South Beach it right now with my Prairie Hen Promise and all. I have a hard time coming up with recipes that are edible. Today my nieces Rebecca and Amanda came over for a Henna day and we (with the help of Miyuki) came up with the most marvelous low carb soup. We wanted Gyoza really bad but that involves carbs and some frying action. I can't have that so we turned it into the soup.
Gyoza Soup
So here is how we made this carb friendly.

Gyoza Soup

1 pound breakfast sausage (you can use ground pork)
1 inch of fresh ginger grated
2 cloves of garlic crushed
1/4 head cabbage shredded
1-2 green onions chopped
Mix together and make into balls and drop into boiling water in a large stock pot.

To this pot now add:
Chopped cabbage (we had about 1/4 cabbage left but more would have been nice)
3-4 chopped carrots
2-3 ribs celery chopped
(any other veggies you happen to have that you think would taste good)

To make the stock tasty add:
6-8 tsp chicken bouillon
1 tbsp miso paste (optional but sooo good)

Boil this together until the veggies are at their desired softness.
When you are ready to serve it add:
1 tbsp soy sauce
a big drizzle of toasted sesame oil

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