Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prairie Hen Promise

Whew! Christmas is over, again. I love Christmas but usually feel like I am crashing the day after. After weeks of living on adrenaline and no sleep and being hopped up on all kinds of Christmas candy, I am ready for some sleep and nothingness.
It usually motivates me with thoughts of "this won't happen next year!" and the like.
I do look forward to the new year. It is fresh with no mistakes in it. I love the chance we get of making our lives over once more and the hope to get it together better this year.
On that note I wanted to tell you about the Prairie Hen Promise. The Hens and I got together here at my house yesterday. We talked about what worked this year and what didn't. We found that when we are called upon to do something we usually are able to pull it off, even at the last minute because we are pretty smart and talented. However, when we promise ourselves that we will do something, we rarely do it. There is no accountability and we find ourselves shoved to the back burner for other's more pressing needs.
This year we are making the Prairie Hen Promise to stick to our goals. Since each of us in the group are house keepingly Challenged, we have set some specific goals to help us conquer the chaos and give ourselves a peaceful Christmas next year. This year I am going to work on a Christmas project each month so that I am finished by Dec 1st and can enjoy my family the way Christmas was intended.
I have broken my promises up into some categories. Each month I will set new promises on my Hen Day and will return and report my progress.
Here goes for my January 2008 Prairie Hen Promises

1. The Home - I promise to shine my sink every night before I go to bed.

2. Organization - I will start at my front door and organize one closet, cupboard, drawer, or shelf at a time. You can't clean clutter. I will Give away what I don't need, Throw away what is beyond help, put away what is out of place, and store what I want or need in proper storage areas.

3. Food - I will fill out and stick to a monthly menu plan for dinners. another meal planner

4. Finances - I will not impulse spend in January. If I really want something, I will add it to my list and save for it.

5. Physical - I will return to my South Beach Diet for the whole month of January. I will also work out at least 5 days per week.

6. Spiritual - I will read 5 pages of the Book of Mormon every day.

7. Preparedness - I will purchase 800 pounds of wheat.

I am so excited to have someone to be accountable to for the goals I want to accomplish.
I have some goals I want to accomplish on my blog here as well but you will find out about them soon enough. hee hee ... It's gonna be great in 2008!


Anonymous said...

I really love the goals you have outlined for yourself. They are so much like the goals I have for 2008. I have Elders that live up the road from me and we are always reading from the Book of Mormon-so I have that covered. It is just the organizing part--I need work on that. Blessings, Rose

mama k said...

I too have very similar goals this year. I just don't keep up with running the household as much as I'd like. Oh and the menu planning... :)

Rebecca Lesue said...

Wahoo! it is going to be a great year!

Marylois said...

Sounds like some really good goals. I am setting similar goals. With the house organizing goal make sure you wear something that doesn't have pockets for hiding things in.

Lucy said...

Actually they (SHE) recomend that you use a cobbler apron with many pockets so you have somewhere to put the little things instead of getting side tracked and run all over the house trying to put them away. After you cleaning session you empty the pockets then.

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