Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Prairie Hens???

I have been asked why we chose the name Prairie Hens. We we had to call ourselves something. We realized that we had become organized and we needed a name. We are bent on a purpose and like the Order of the Phoenix we are united in a cause to fight evil (OK the mess in our homes). I love chickens and their many references in literature and Scripture. Well we couldn't call ourselves the chickens though.
We remembered a story we had heard about prairie hens. I think they are one of the bravest creatures I know. When they are faced with with a prairie fire the mother hens will hunker down call their chicks in and not move. The fires will come and pass over them. The mother will die but by doing so she saves the lives of her children.
We are all mothers in our group and our aim is to serve and protect our families as best we can.
On our little farm we have several chickens and I have loved watching the mamas with their children. It is amazing how in a few short days that mother hen and teach those flighty little chicks to come when she calls. When danger nears her family she will puff herself up and stand between them and the danger. She will call her babies to come and they all do. It is quite remarkable.
So with these wonderful examples in nature, proudly call ourselves the Prairie Hens.
We also all happen to live in an area of Missouri that was originally called Oliver's Prairie and knew we had to have that name.
Prairie Hen

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Marylois said...

Fun name and idea. I had a friend who said that when she looked at her home she would say, "Here lies matter unorganized"! I feel like that too sometimes :o)

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