Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Several events have happened in the last 48 hours (and I guess a little longer) to make me really think about my life and what I want and what I have.
Life & Lemons

To start off I have been reading a lot of interesting books about thoughts and intention.  The whole concept of changing your thought, changing your life appealed to me.
I recently found the author Barbel Mohr and her book Instant Cosmic Ordering.  My husband actually heard about her in a random pod cast he listened to while working.  The book was 99 cents for the Kindle so I figured... what the heck.  She does a very good job of explaining thought and intention and how what you think does affect what shows up in your life... I think she does a better job than most of explaining why it happens.  I admit though... if I had just seen the title... I might not have read it because it does sound weird.
Well thinking about that... Here are a couple of things that happened this week that really made me think.
1.  Christmas is over and I have been looking at my budget that is totally blown... We do live simply but... I did still spend more than I should have of my budget...  This information does not do much to make one think happy thoughts about money.  So... In the back of my head, I was wishing that I had more... not satisfied with where I was.  (so this is what is running in the back of my head)..
2. My sister and her family came to visit this week.  We spent a lot of time talking and having a good time together.  While talking (very late one night this week)... I mentioned a super good deal I get on printer ink.  It really is a good deal.  I have been doing this for years.  For half  of what I would normally spend on ink for my printer, I can get about 6 months worth of ink.  That is a good deal.  My BIL flipped.  He threw his hands in the air and said "How do you do that?!"  I am was like.. .what do you mean??  He said that he has noticed that things I need just show up for me.  *blink blink*... I hadn't noticed this about my life, but it is true.  Things I need to show up.  Because of life choices of being a stay at home, homeschooling mom... I don't earn the salary I would if I were working at the career I was trained in and thought I would be doing all my life.  I have had to make do.  If I want something bad enough for me and my children, I have to find a way for it to show up within my budget... and it does.  We do live simply but well.   This has made me think about my life and the really cool things that do show up that I hadn't been paying attention to.
3.  Last night... as I was thinking about what I didn't have... I thought... I would really like $500 right now... it would really help with a couple of things I wanted to do.  I was looking at the lack of this money.  Over the last year, I have found a few interesting and fun... somewhat fluffy... sites.  My friend introduced me to card reading... It isn't something that I have ever taken seriously because it isn't something I do.  But I don't mock it.  A friend of mine showed me a couple of online card sites that are fun to play with.  I don't really take them seriously but found them entertaining.  Well, for fun last night, I went to one of the sites and I did a one cared draw.  It was for fun.. The way it works is... you think of a question or problem you have... you pick a card draw and you get a card with a message on it.. .kinda like fortune cookies... Well... I thought... I could really use some money... I want some money... Can I have some money... So that was my question.  I picked the one card draw and waited... and giggled a bit... And then I got my card and was really surprised at the answer.  Out of all the cards that could have come up in the random draw, I got the platypus Oracle card.  It came from this site.  ( I don't support this site or anything, it just came up when I was goofing around).  The Platypus card said... "Stop complaining, focus your attention on the blessings in your life."  I was struck.  That was exactly what I was doing.  I was complaining.  I was not noticing the good things in my life.  That really made me think.  I went to sleep last night thinking about this and the blessings that ARE in my life.
4.  This morning when I got up, one of my old friends from my collage days (who just recently found me on facebook) posted a picture of a gratitude jar.  I LOVE this idea.  I am going to give this a try.  Starting a new year of gratitude.  Only... I don't want to use just any jar... I think I will get one of my cookie jars from my collection and start filling it.  This is a resolution that I know I can keep.
  Gratitude Jar

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