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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Year of the Mouse - PPP - Pincushion

Year of the Mouse 2008
Mouse 2
This year is the year of the rat/mouse. I thought I would do something with that theme. Then I realized that I am a rat/mouse born in 1972, so is my son Joe born in 1996. You can check out the links to information. It was a fun read.
On to the tutorial. As I have said before, this year my tutorials are going to be PPP's, pincushions, potholders and pies. I started in on this project the day my dad had his heart attack and now I finally have a free minute to get back to it and finish it.
Mouse Pincushion
6 inch square of fabric
felt scraps
black purl cotton
Mouse 3
1. Take the 6" square of fabric and cut the corner off. I measured in 2 3/4" from the corner in each direction and cut it off.
Mouse 4 mouse 5
2. Fold the square in half to for a triangle and sew along the long open edge. Turn right side out and poke out the tip with a sharp object.
Mouse 6 Mouse 7
3. Fold the top edge under and stitch by hand with a gathering stitch.
Mouse 8 Mouse 9
4. Stuff firmly with batting and draw the gathering up tight.
Mouse 10 Mouse 1
5. Insert the tail and stitch in place. If you are not able to stitch the hole up tight you can cut a scrap of the felt and tack it in place.
Mouse 11 Mouse 16
6. Cut out some little ears from the felt scraps. Stitch them to the head and add eyes and whiskers with the black purl cotton.
You're Done!
Mouse 14


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG! Flipping awesome and looks so easy!

You rock!

atet said...

Those look just adorable. Thanks for the tutorial.

Emily Cole said...

Oh, those are so cute... I don't want to stick a pin in them! Ha ha! Glad you're back Lucy! Em

nashbabe said...

Those are darned cute.

zakkalife said...

You always create a great tutorial, they're so easy to follow. The mouse pincushions are adorable.

Silvia said...

Hi! So nice :)
Thanks for the tutorial :D

jesirose said...

Very cool! I would make one, but I keep rats as pets and I would feel guilty poking pins into a cute rat! :) It would be cool to make a set of the whole chinese year animals, or horoscope symbols or something!

Sandra :) said...

So cute! Thanks for the tutorial - it's just what I need to go with the needlecase I'm making. I even have all the "ingredients" ready to make this little guy :)

Donna said...

Just adorable and easy as pie. Thanks for the tutorial!

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

Perfectly darling little mouse/rat! Your tutorial is wonderful!

~ Jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I always like to stuff pin cushions with plain steel wool, it keeps the pins sharp.

Mama Spark said...

I love your mouse but the photos won't load properly for me. Just adorable

Lil_Birdie said...

That's adorable :)

Sheri said...

Too cute! and too simple! I'm thinking these would make great Christmas ornaments too in the right print. I'll be posting a link on childmade.com. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

been looking for an easy catnip mouse pattern -- I think this will be perfect. Grandma Joan

m.o.M. said...

I'm making one of these mice now, but wanted to stop for a moment to tell you how much I'm enjoying the music!

Lucy said...

Thank you. I kinda like the music too. :o) My kids and I picked it out and it is fun to hear each other's favorites pop up.

Lynell said...

I have to say, I love your site!!
These are so easy, I made two and put them on one small pillow and Im calling them "Royal Rodents"
I spend way too much time on here... thanks to you...lol...
Please dont stop!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we made mouse pin cushions at my school and they looked different. We drew around templates and machined elastic to the bottom. Then we tacked them together and stuffed them with polyster. They were a lot fatter than yours!

Kate said...

I love it!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

Natashalh said...

Way cute! I'm glad I came across your blog.

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