Thursday, January 31, 2008

Year of the Mouse - PPP - Potholder

Please remember that P also stands for Perfect, and that DONE is BETTER than Perfect!!

I did this really fast so bear with the imperfections in sewing this time (ok most times).

In keeping with the theme of the Year of the Mouse or Rat, the potholder for January is mouse related.
This is just a simple, padded square pot holder, the simplest of potholders.

White scraps for mice
Dark scraps for background and backing
Scraps of bias binding tape
Decorative thread for embelishments

HP 3
1. Cut out your background piece. Mine is 8 inches square. I like a hotpad big enough to cover most things.
HP 2 HP 4
2. Make some teardrop shaped templates, one large, one small. Trace them onto your "mouse fabric". Double the fabric over and sew directly on the lines all the way around. Trim the mice to about 1/4" of the line.

HP 5 HP 6
3. Make a slit in one side of the mouse body. Turn the mouse right side out and press. Place the mice on the background fabric where you like them and stitch in place.
HP 7
4. Use your thread to add details to your mouse like ears, nose, and tail.
HP 9
5. Layer the top, batting and backing together and pin to stablize. The batting and backing should be larger than the top.
HP 10
6. Top stitch around the outside edge to anchor the three layers. Now quilt in any fashion you like. I tried to stipple and found that I kinda bite at that and need some more practice.
HP 11
7. Add the bias binding tape and you are done.
HP 1
This one was done so very fast. It is not perfection but it will do and will be just fine for spilling chili and such.


Kiva, Southern Girl Musings said...

Cute potholder!!

greetingarts said...

It's adorable. And I love the cheddar cheese border!

muralimanohar said...

Ahh....I feel better about my own potholders I made. :p It's nice to see there are other people in the world whom bias binding eludes. lol

Very cute little mice!

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