Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It is fall here in the Ozarks.  It is always such a treat to watch the leaves change.  Our family enjoys so many fall events every year.   However.... now that we have 3 kids in High School we have discovered that they have almost all been trumped by band and FFA trips.  Sigh!... The bright side is that the kids love what they are doing... Right?!
The one fall event that I look forward to MOST is our semi-annual Quilt retreat.  I LIVE for this!  I am quilt guild president again (a job I LOVE!) and so am in on the planning and execution of this event twice a year.  This time... my lovely committee took care of most of the details themselves and that meant I got to play!!! Thank you ladies!!!
I only participated in one class this time (I think I signed up for all of them but quickly amended my choices).  I took a mini twister class.  You take lots of little 2.5" squares, sew them together, and cut them up again and sew those together to make a tiny 10" or so quilt.  Here is what I finished on Saturday.
I made it with the Itty Bitty Primitive Pinwheels pattern and cutting ruler.  I have several more ideas to try this way... I might even post a tutorial.  I am in progress right now with a strawberry pattern I drew up... and I might make a tomato just for fun since I work in the shop at the Strawberry and Tomato farm during the growing season.
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