Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Scriptures and Case for the New Year

Scripture Case

We are starting the new year with a new scripture study plan.  The kids and I are excited about it.  We will work together using The Red Headed Hostess Book of Mormon study pages.  I like the way she helps you learn to break things down yourself.  The kids like that there will be pictures... I just like that we are doing it together.  Now to go make five more bags for the kids today while perfecting the pattern.  I love that I figured out how to make the bag with only 2 pieces of fabric (one inside lining and one outside.. oh and the handle but  that doesn't count.)  I love how excited the kids were to unwrap their new scriptures.  They are so new, crisp, and smell great.  We were excited to start making this new set up.  They are only for family study time.  They have their large sets for personal study and church study.
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