Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Sales

I am putting a few sales up at my various web stores.

At Byrd Bath Soaps:
All the Soaps are $3.00 per bar till the end of the month.

At My Byrd Nest (etsy)
I have put several things at reduced prices.
I have also added some new items.
This year I am offering a small gift set which consists of:
a bar of soap
a handmade wash cloth
and a pine soap dish
V green 2
My friend Suzanne knit up all the wash cloths for me.
Orange 2
She did a fabulous job. I love the colors she picked. These are my favorite wash cloths for my face and for dishes. They never wear out and they always smell good. Cotton is marvelous that way.
Dish cloths

At Mama Byrd Creations (hyena cart)
I have just stocked a bunch of my friends woolly moccasins. They are made from real sheep skins and are very warm and toasty.
Dark 1
I just bought a whole set of them for my kids for Christmas this year. I think they suspect them and are pretty excited. I have several pair here around the house and they keep hinting at how marvelous they think they look and feel and "wouldn't they just keep our little feet so warm, mama?" hee hee I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas.

At Sexy Apron Day, I have a stack of new Aprons to go up as soon as I can get them photographed. My model has been super busy and the weather here is so cloudy and windy making photo shoots very difficult. They will be posted soon though even if it is with temp pictures.
Flower 1 Purple 1 Shoes 1 Pink Polka Dot 4

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Anonymous said...

What a good friend (knitted items)!

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