Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Monkey Love

Monkey 1
I do follow in the footsteps of my mother from time to time.
I too make Christmas ornaments for my children. I know that someday soon she will not be here to make ornaments for them. I wanted this tradition in place so that when that day does come it will already be in place and the transition will not be as hard.

This year I made Monkeys. I couldn't decide what to make and then saw Jeddie put my little
Ivan monkey on the tree and I decided to make a tiny Not So Sock Monkey.
Monkey 2
I did not make
99 like she did but I did make 30 of them.
I also happened to participate in a couple of swaps this Christmas that made in necessary to make a few extras.
Monkey 3
This is Hannah's White Monkey. I let each of the kids pick out which monkey they wanted. It was funny to see them pick the ones I had actually made with them in mind.

I have 4 extra monkeys over at my Etsy Shop. If you want one before they are gone, go snatch it up.


futuregirl said...

So cute! I love the little monkeys. :)

mama k said...

oh how sweet!
I love me some monkeys.

Rebecca Lesue said...

Those are great :)

Lucy said...

Thanks. :o)

kawaii crafter said...

The monkeys are adorable, I'm sure they'll sell quick.

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