Monday, December 31, 2007

Just For Me! Hee Hee

As I was out shopping for last minute supplies last week, I found this wonderful combination of fabrics.
My Apron 1
I screamed BUY ME LUCY!!
So I did what all self respecting fabric addicts do, and bought it.
No it wasn't on my list, nor was it in the budget but it had to be mine.
I did do good things with it though. I had my sister Eileen of Oregon for Christmas this year so I made her a most marvelous apron from it.
My Apron 2
I had to make one for myself at the same time. I would take pictures of it on but it drowned my daughters and I can't take pictures of myself very well. Besides, I have bed hair and am still in my Jammies and you don't need to see that. hee hee
So.... here are the other shots of it.
My Apron 3
My Apron 4
up close
My Apron 6
Those fabrics just make me happy. I am in apron love.


StichingSurgeon said...

I love this fabric! There is only one word to describe this apron...adorable!

Sorka said...

Those are some shiney aprons!
Love the fabric!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

May I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! be your sister?? I am in lust for that apron!!

mama k said...

yay you found it!! That apron looks awesome!
Did you get it at Hobby Lobby too? If so, I think I got that same little dot fabric for my ruffle. LOL I have yet to sew mine up though.

Lucy said...

Well princess you look like one of my sisters. :o)
Mama K I did get that at Hobby Lobby and I bought all they had left (which wasn't much). I have sewn enough for other people lately and took advantage of time off and decided to sew for myself.

muralimanohar said...

That apron looks ADORABLE!!! I love the cute!!

Marylois said...

I'll have to check our hobby lobby to see if they have some. Did you get all three fabrics there?

Danetta said...

Oh I love this! Daughter D has asked for an apron for her birthday this year so I have to get on it. I haven't made an apron since my girls were little.

Katy said...

I am in Love too!!!!

Katy said...

OMG...i just LOVE those aprons! They are beautiful! You did such a fantastic job! I am in the process of learning how to use my sewing is an older one and kinda being a stinker to work with. I can't wait to try making stuff like this! i love it!

oh..and I notice...LOL..that there is another person with my same name that posted a comment above me! How funny! LOL

Kay said...

I think you can get the apron fabric at Hobby Lobby. A friend at my quilt guild showed something that was made of that fabric and she said her sister got the fabric from Hobby Lobby. I love your apron. So cute. I want to make one.

Little Bitsys said...

THANK GOODNESS for the internet! Otherwise, I would truly believe that I was the ONLY soul in the universe who was obsessed with fabric AND aprons. Whew. I can't stop making them and every day, sometimes every hour, I too hear the fabric voice "BUY ME". and it's always something that just looks like it's going to be an apron. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that apron fabric! :) Mary

Gretchen said...

Love it!

I have the same issue at the fabric store - may be why I try to only go on payday!

Jen said...

of course what else to make with apron fabric than an apron!
Adorable pattern.

Shawnee said...

Perfectly adorable!!! I wish we had Hobby Lobby here in Oregon!

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