Sunday, December 30, 2007

December Apron - Repurposed Skirt

OK here is the quickest Apron Tutorial yet. I wanted something that would be fast and easy and require little sewing skill.

-One thrift store skirt
-scrap fabric for ties (unless you use the skirt)

1. Go to the thrift store (or your closet) and find a skirt that you like but don't want to wear as a skirt. Choose something out of cotton if possible. A denim skirt makes a good heavy apron and is a great way to re-purpose and out of fashion skirt.

I found this apron in a box of fabric at my mom's house. It must have been a costume that belonged to one of my older sisters. My girls thought it looked very Cinderella-ish and want it for an apron.

2. Cut the skirt up the back, removing the zipper or buttons or what ever is there to close the skirt.
Use a rotary cutter and ruler to even up the edges if necessary.
3. Make the ties.
Option 1 - Cut two strips from a coordinating fabric. I cut mine 4" by the width of the fabric (about 42").
Option 2 - If the skirt has ample fabric, you can cut two strips from the back when you cut the skirt open. You can cut them about 2-4 inches wide by the length of the skirt.
Which ever you choose, you will then need to hem the edges and ends as you desire. I folded mine under and top stitched them.
4. Now finish off the edge of the apron. I just folded the edges under and stitched them down.
Then I attached the ties at the top of the waist band.
Now you are done. You can add a pocket if you like. If the skirt already has side seam pockets you already have some.


Niki said...

Very cute. Great tutorial! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty apron. I really like the color and the design. Blessings, rose

mama k said...

Fab idea! I will have to keep that in mind on my next Thrift trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love this tutorial!
Our indy craft magazine, knitcircus ( is doing a feature on knitting and sewing with thrift-store style--would you allow us to reprint this wonderful tutorial? You'd keep all the rights, and get a free magazine out of the deal.
oxo Jaala

texcilla said...

hmm, too cute! I see a Halloween apron in my future!
Thanks for the Gyoza soup recipe. My husband is diabetic so any low carb recipe I find, I try. sounds yummy!

An Apron A Day said...

Hello I'm Lisa. I just started a blog & one of the 1st "series" I'm blogging about is things that vintage aprons are made of. I love your apron made from a skirt. Would you mind if I included this on my blog? I would of course give you all the credit for it! I am also planning to put your store & blog in my links section on the blog.

Here's all my links...
(my vintage apron store)
(my blog)
(Flickr group photo pool I started)

val said...

I like the whole ' Cinderella' thing going on with the pointy hemline....
thanks for the tutorial! Can't wait to try it!

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