Friday, January 26, 2007

Family Portrait

I have been busy making monkeys. I love making Not So Sock Monkeys. My children have tried to request colors and fabrics but I have to tell them no. The monkeys choose what colors they will be and then claim their owners.
Here are all the monkeys I have made this month so far.
Monkey Family Portrait
I have found that making them from fleece is much easier to work with but I love the look and feel of the cotton monkeys. The little one in the middle is the newest.
His name is Ivan.
Ivan 2
His name is Ivan, not because he is terrible, but because he was born during the terrible Ice Storm of 2007. He is made 100% by hand from 100% felted wool and is stuffed with hand washed, hand carded raw wool I cleaned myself. Joe helped card it for me. He is 100% hand stitched with pearl cotton. I love him. I made him for my etsy shop but I don't know. How can you sell one of your babies? I made him by candle light when I could snatch a few moments to myself between keeping fires going, cooking, and trying to keep my family warm. Jeddie loves the baby monkey. That makes it hard to part with him too.
I have thoughts of making him a sister out of red wool felt that is just calling my name to be made into a little monkey. He is only about 5 inches tall and can sit in your hand.
Here are some others that joined our family.
This little guy is on his way to California for little Sammy's 2nd birthday. He is so snuggley. I just love to squeeze him. His ears are made from Michael Miller fabric too. My favorite fabric designer.
These are two sister monkeys.
Fizzy & Fuzzy
They are very small and are for Sarah and Caroline. They like the fact that their monkeys are definitely girly and that they are so small. I have been hearing baby money noises all week. I cut these out before the storm but didn't get them sewn up until the power was back on.

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angeliclenore said...

Every time I see the main photo it makes me smile! I love it!

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