Monday, February 26, 2007

Missouri Walking Sticks

Ok, if you are on any kind of diet, STOP reading this now!!! This will kill any diet but sometimes you just have to do that!!
This treat is Bryan's favorite. We buy them from our favorite candy house. They are not cheap but we only get them at Christmas (Or Bryan does in his stocking and I get a bite).
They are called Missouri Walking Sticks. I decided to try to make some at home and save myself the torture of a trip to the candy store when I am not supposed to eat any of it.
Here is what I did.
1. Melt down some caramels. You may have to add some cream or canned milk to soften it a bit.
Stick 1
I didn't have any so I just made up a batch of caramel from a recipe I had.
2. Take long pretzel sticks and dip them in the caramel. Give it a good twist to cover the end.
Stick 2
3. Now roll it in chopped nuts. I used pecans.
Stick 3
4. Set the stick on a lined tray to cool.
Stick 4
5. Drizzle the end of the sticks in chocolate if you like. I like so I did. :o)
Stick 5
I guess my drizzle turned out to be more of a dip.
6. Now you are done.
Stick 6
Now are the confessions. Obviously, Mine don't look like the ones in the store. They do taste good, I think. The other confession is that the caramel I made had only a list of ingredients and no clear instructions. Soooo.... I ended up cooking it too long and they got rock hard when they cooled. As a result we had suckers not chewy caramels. Still pretty good though.


angeliclenore said...

Save some for me! I'll be right over!! YUMMY!

Whimspiration said...

Yum, sounds tasty!

Kathie said...

What about your blood sugar,Hum...?

Marylois said...

They make these at the Nauvoo fudge factory but call them something else. I never have tried making them myself but I just might have too. Now, what excuss can I come up with for making them, hmmmmm St. Patrick's Day, Easter thats too far away!

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