Monday, February 26, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Hannah's Valentine
This is one of Hannah's Valentines. I just love them. We cut out doggy bone shaped pieces of tissue paper and stuck a sucker through the center, twisted them and secured it with tape. She wrote her name on them and took them to Pre-school. She was so thrilled to get to do what the big kids do and have a "class party".
By the way, her preschool teach had her first baby this weekend. She had a little girl named Elli. Hannah is so excited. We made her a custom Piggy Bag. I hope she gets a lot of good use out of it.


angeliclenore said...

Do you get Wondertime magazine?? They had this (without the sucker) in the last issue!
Just curious. They are fabulous and I love the idea of the sucker in them! Great job Hannah!

angeliclenore said...
Try cut & pasting this link. Maybe IT will work??? The last one got cut off.

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