Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I got a package!

I got a box!
I love to get packages. It makes my day to find one in the mailbox or see the UPS or FedEx truck drive up. I sell just enough in my etsy store to buy things from other etsy stores. That wasn't my plan but it works.
Today I got a package that I have been wishing for for months. I got a Snap Press!
My Snap Press
What is a snap press you ask? It is for putting snaps on things that you want to have snap. I got it because I make cloth diapers and I want to put snap closures on them instead of using diaper pins or Velcro. (actually you can't use diaper pins on the diapers I make) I will be having a diaper making marathon in a little while with Rebecca and will post some pictures of the diapers and the wonderful snap closures. I can't wait.
I did get out the smock aprons I made and put snaps on the back of them instead of buttons. It was so fun and easy. I am searching the house for things that NEED snaps. The press resides in the living room and everyone bows to it as the pass because they know how happy it made Mama Byrd. Actually they just can't leave the thing alone. It is so shinny and new and fun to play with.


Marylois said...

I get church packages all the time. The only problem is they are addressed to the bishop so I can't open them. Make sure you don't get tempted to put snaps on any mouths:o)

greetingarts said...

Oh, that's funny (the comment, too!). How about we all start sending you the stuff in *our* houses that need snaps put on them, too? That way, everybody's happy!

mama k said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I'm a sometimes lurker. I too cloth diaper and I am in snap-press envy right now. : )

Amber said...'re making me want to wait for the mailman by the front door. Mine is in the mail! WAHOO!

Lucy said...

Like was ok before I knew about things like snap presses and grommet preeses but when I found out about them I had to have one. I have the snap press and now will have to work on DH for the grommet press. Maybe this years chirstmas $$ will go for that.

futuregirl said...

Your snap press is awesome! I have a hand-held plier-type thing that can be a little wanky. I didn't even know they made snap presses. Gotta add that to my wish list!

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