Sunday, January 07, 2007

Not So Sock Monkey

I made a monkey. A "Not So" Sock Monkey.
Not So Sock Monkey
I do have a pair of sock monkey socks BUT I am chicken to cut into them. I saw a cloth sock monkey somewhere and loved it. Please be kind when you see her original compared to my poor little monkey.
I made him with Hannah in mind but Jeddie was the only one awake when I finished it. He was crying most broken heartedly and was very taken by the purple monkey. You can still see little tears in his eyes. He needed a snuggle with his mum and his monkey.
A snuggle with mum and the monkey
Here are some more of JEB's "Love a Monkey" If we say that to him he will grab it and hug it.
Love A Monkey 2
JEB and his Monkey
All the kids love the monkey and want me to make them each one. They like the possibilities for tie-dye color combos. I dyed the fabric to make him.

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