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Thursday, July 26, 2007

July Apron Tutorial - Jeans Apron

OK I know it is the last week of the month. I have been battling what to do for the apron again. I really want to keep to my goal of reducing my stash of stuff and not buy more fabric to make aprons with. That is getting challenging, not that I don't have more stuff, but the coming up with a new idea on how to make aprons from it.
My kids said that I HAD to make a 4th of July themed apron so I used Patriotic fabrics from my stash. I also remembered seeing a Jeans apron idea somewhere and wanted to do something fun with what was left of my favorite pair of pants. (they had a major blow out and I can't wear them anymore.)
For the tutorial this month I will post how I made my version but I am also going to send you out into the net to see some other tutorials from some of my favorite bloggers so you can get more ideas and make your apron truly your own style.
July 8
Start off by taking an old pair of jeans and cutting off the waistband and the seat.
July 1
Smooth up the sides however you like. I took a plate and made a curve at the corners of mine.
July 3
Then I cut up the back seam a little way (4-5 inches or so) and overlapped the pieces so the bottom would lay flat.
July 4
Then I cut the yolk at the back of the pants under the waistband and inserted a rectangular pocket inside the apron. (there are more instructions at Betz White). You can make this pocket as deep as you want.
July 5
I top stitched the pocket down to give it more stability. ( I intend to use this for heavy crafting so I can keep track of all my tools.)
Then I finished off the edges of the jeans with Bias Tape (because I have tons of it in my stash).
You could just fold the edge under and top stitch, you could rag the edge or you could sew rick-rack down to finish it off.
July 6
Then I cut the ends of the waistband off and inserted ties into the ends and secured them. (My son Joe asked why I didn't just leave the button on there to use and then thought about it for a minute and said, "well I guess if it was too big then it would just fall of you mom and ties would be more useful wouldn't they?" Smart boy!! He will go far if he always assumes that things will be too big for the women in his life than too small.) Hee Hee Do be sure to allow yourself enough tie room. Mine are a little short so they don't make a bow.
July 7
I also added fabric flowers that I made from Patriotic fabric Bryan bought me last fall. They are so fun and fast to make. The tutorial is at Molly Chicken. If you Google "fabric brooch tutorial" or "Fabric Flower Tutorial" you will come up with some really wonderful and fun things to make.
The other place that I liked was at Kleas.


Eileen said...

lucy you could also use a belt and put it threw the belt loops

Lucy said...

That is a good idea. Would have been easier then sewing on the ties.

CC said...

You have the most wonderful ideas and patterns. I love your blog, can't wait to try some of your ideas..Thanks so much

annapaola said...

I think that you have beautiful ideas for job...
anna paola

Ali said...

I love this idea! - I love aprons and I have my most favourite pair of jeans, (that are sadly very dead and un-wearable) that will be just perfect for this project.

Myra said...

Adorable idea! Thanks for sharing! Another thing for my "to do" list.
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Pamela said...

I am trying my hand at one as well. I am having a hard time figuring out the extra pocket....

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how you got the music on your website. I have a playlist account but can't get my blog to accept it. I teach math and I think my girls would really think I was cool if I could play music on our blog. My email is clever-piggy@hotmail.com Thank you, Wendy Cunningham

Wendy said...

I can't wait to try this!! Thank you so much for posting it.

Kristy said...

I Love this idea, Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I left the waste band on to use as the tie on mine, but it was too loose so I used a man's tie I bought at a thrift store

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