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Monday, May 14, 2018

Quilting Friends Row by Row

Hello dear friends.   This year I am in charge of the BOM (block of the month) program at our local quilt guild.  I am pretty excited about this.  We started the quild 14 years ago.  This year starts our 15th year as a guild.  We have seen many good friends come and go.  Some have passed on, some have moved away, and some have moved on to other things.  Our guild is home to brand new quilters and some pretty expert, life long quilters.  There is a home for all. 
To celebrate our 15th year, I am designing a row by row quilt to celebrate our life together as quilting friends.  I will be posting the monthly pattern and tutorials here on my blog.  If you would like to join in and quilt along, I would love to include you.  Check in monthly (and sometimes weekly) for updates and new patterns.  I am pretty excited. 

I am making my quilt with stash fabrics from my stash, my mother's stash, and my best friend's stash.  If you would like to quilt along, you can make this from your stash or you can purchase fat quarters to work from.  Choose a color way that suits you ( pastels, brights, civil war reproductions, 1930's, etc.).  You will want to make sure you include darks, mediums, and lights.  You can use one background to unify your rows, or have a scrappy background.  I am choosing to use some low volume creams and tans throughout my whole quilt.  

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