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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Apron Tutorial

Can you believe it! I have an apron pattern before the end of the month. How amazing!
AA 1
This one is so easy. It is another Dishtowel Apron.
You will need:
AA 2
1 Dishtowel (washed and dried before starting, these shrink a lot and you don't want to distort your apron)
1 package double fold bias tape (2 1/2 to 3 yards)
Ric Rac (the requirement for the March/April Tie-On Challenge)
Fabric scraps for the pocket

1. Fold your apron in half lengthwise.

2. Starting at the top of your apron measure 4 inches and mark it. From the top corner measure down 10 inches (this is the non-fold side).
AA 3

3. Now, using a rotary cutter and ruler cut from the 4" to the 10" marks, making a triangle.
AA 4

4. Now un-fold your apron and lay it out.
AA 5

5. Now take the bias tape and fold it in half to mark the center. Measure down 9 inches from the center on each side. This will be the neck of your apron.
AA 6

6. Now pin the bias tape to the apron. The pins at the 9" marks should line up right at the top of the apron. Open the bias tape and sandwich the apron inside.
AA 7

7. Sew the Bias tape close to the edge (top-stitch) starting at one end of the tape and sewing all the way to the other end.
AA 8

8. Now take the left over triangles and any scrap fabrics you have a make a pocket. I made several aprons so I mixed and matched the scraps and made half square triangle units for pocket patches.
AA 9

9. Now comes the token Ric Rac. Place the edge of the ric-rac under the edge of the pocket and top stitch in place.
AA 10

10. Place the pocket on your apron and pin in place and titch it down and you are done.
AA 11

OR ......
You can add and applique to the pocket before you stitch it down. Here are some that I did.
AA 12 AA 13 AA 14 AA 15 AA 16 AA 17 AA 18
I made an extra for a friend and Vea is the lucky winner. She took hers home to embellish it herself. I can't wait to see what she did.
I also made two for my Etsy store. You can check them out there.


Marylois said...

This apron is so cute! And the pocket looks big enough to hold my CD player so I can listen to books on tape while working :o)

GlowWorm said...

All around the kitchen, rock-a-doodle-doodle-doo....

Okay, the applique makes a world of difference!! I saw the apron pre-applique and was, I admit, not too excited. But those appliques are so cute! I love the birdies. I should know by now to trust you Lucy.

Lucy said...

You and Sarah have no faith. Thanks though. I am loving mine and hate to have to stop and wash it. I need one for every day of the week. Hmmmm I just might have to do that. I am going to be working as an occasional teacher at the quilt store that sells them. They have the facilities to teach hand-dyed fabric classes.

Loner said...

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angeliclenore said...

I love this apron! BUT, as city folk, I am having the darndest time finding a proper dish towel! I do have some fabric and all the fixins to make one though. I just was wondering what is the exact size of your dish towel? Thanks!

Lucy said...

My dishtowels are 25" x 19" finished so you would have to add a seam allowance to that. I can't believe you can't find any. I found 2 places that have them here out in the boonies. Living that close to SLC you should be able to get some that would turn the rest of us green with envy. Try quilt stores or a kitchen store. There was a furniture store in Orem that had great ones when I was in college. You never know where you will see them pop up.

angeliclenore said...

Thanks for the info & the pattern! I just finished sewing mine! I'll take pictures and try and post it soon! THANKS!

Lucy said...

Great! You are the first to post back and say you finished one. I need to start a flickr group or something to post thesE.

Khris said...

Thanks for the terrific tutorials Lucy. I have added your link to my freebies blog if thats okay...hugs Khris in Oz

Melanie said...

thanks for this tutorial, I made a aporn inspired by your, just slightly diferent, you can see here: http://sweetasmel.blogspot.com/2011/06/apronavental.html

Fruitcake said...

Thanks for this simple pattern. I'm making several for Christmas presents. Did you follow a pattern for the appliques, or just do them freestyle?

Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon your site,love it.our church group is making items to sell at Christmas bazaar,my project is aprons !
I'm making ,look alike,mommy n daughter or son, aprons.
thanks for the patterns.

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention that I use my granddaughters coloring book for simple cute applicase patternes.

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