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Thursday, March 20, 2008

March PPP - Carrot Pincushion Tutorial

These pincushions just make me happy! I love carrots.
Carrot 11

This should be a fast, easy, and painless tutorial. (if I don't talk too much)

1. Make yourself a carrot template. You want a pie shaped piece. The angle of this triangle is about 45 deg. The sides are 9 inches long and the top is about 7 inches across. These are abouts. You want to make sure that the top side is curved like a pie piece though.
Carrot 2

2. Cut out your carrot.

Carrot 3

3. Fold the carrot in half and stitch along the long side. 1/4" seam allowance.

Carrot 4

4. Turn the carrot right side out. To get the point you are really going to have to dig it out with a pin or something. Be careful and don't push too hard and rip you carrot tip.

Carrot 5

5. Stuff the carrot. Start by putting tiny pieces in there and packing them in tight. You can then add bigger pieces but pack them in tight and keep squeezing and re-shaping the carrot as you go. You really want it tight.
Carrot 6

6. Take strong thread and make a gathering stitch across the top of the carrot. Pull it tight and stitch it in place and tie it off.
Carrot 7
Carrot 8

7. Tear off a strip of green fabric about 1" by about 12". Fold it in half and knot it near the ends.

Carrot 9

8. Stitch the carrot stem in place securely.
Carrot 10

You're done!
Carrot 1


floribunda said...

thank you, thank you! I'm a big carrot fan, too. I'll have to run home and try a few of these...

Anonymous said...

oh and I like that you used carrot fabric to make the carrot! to cute!

carrotmuseum said...

Great carrot. May I please use the instructions and pix in the World Carrot Museum?


Credit will be given if required.


DL said...

I love this! So easy, but a great result at the end! I am definitely making these for everyone at our Easter celebration tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your creativity--I love your tutorial!

Shellie said...

It looks so simple yet is so cute. I have to laugh about the sexy aprons, it reminds me of a little experience in my life :)

CC said...

I love the little carrot..I just hafta make one, and your apron is beautiful..I am an apron collector and just beginning to make my own.

Anonymous said...

quick, simple, joyous fun! I made a "bunch" for my sewing sisters. Thank you ;-)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

It's no wonder these carrots make you happy. They are SOOOoooooh cute! Thanks so much for sharing how you made them. :O)

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