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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Skillet Pot Holder Tutorial - PPP

I think I saw this idea at a dinner. It was so cool! I love pot holders but hate having to grab for one all the time when I am doing a ton of cooling where I constantly have to pick up the pan, such as when I am making crepes. I have singed a good many darling hot pads in the process.
Well here is my solution and a very clever on at that (not my idea but my version of it.)
I decided to make a skillet handle pot holder. This stays on the handle while I am cooking. I don't recommend walking off and leaving it unattended but you shouldn't leave a hot pot unattended anyway. :o)
After making several apron from jeans, I have several bits of scraps left over. So this is my material of choice. It is heavy, durable, washable, and free.

Skillet Pot Holder Tutorial

1. Trace the handle of your skillet onto paper to make a pattern.
PH 1

2. Add a generous amount of space around your tracing to fill out your handle, maybe 1/4" to 1/2". Don't add too much space at the top or it will make your pot holder too long and it will keep sliding off. Cut out your paper pattern.
PH 2

3. Take a piece of denim twice as long as your pattern is. Fold it in half lengthwise. Fold it in half again the other way. This gives you 4 thicknesses. Place your pattern piece along the folded edge and trace it with pen or pencil. Sew on the traced line. (By using the folded edge, the bottom of your pot holder is already finished when you are done. )
PH 3

4. Trim within 1/4" of the sewn line.
PH 4

5. Turn and you are done.
PH 5

There you have it a pot holder that exactly fits your pan for quick, safe and easy fast cooking.
PH 6


Nicki Parker said...

WOW! How much time did that take? All of 10 minutes?? You are one clever girl...I have 3 different sized cast iron skillets and they are each getting one of these before the day is over!! Once again, you really inspire me...

CathyJean said...

Very neat idea! I love it, Lucy!!
Thank you :)

danielle said...

Hi Lucy,

What a unique, quick and utilitarian idea. And we ALL have those old jeans, taking up space somewhere. Presto; a hot mitt/potholder for your skillet.

I'm going to write a post on my site about these little skillet mitts, soon. May I link to your site and hopefully send some people your way?



Lucy said...

Yes that would be fine. I am glad it is of use. :o)

Lori said...

Wow- you have some great ideas here. I tried to do a hot pad recently and ugh- the binding messd me up. I sew on one side and miss the other side. good gats.

angevine 49 said...


It's a good idea, I do it now.

Thank you

Excuse me for my english I am french.

Good bye

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