Saturday, October 06, 2007

LDS General Conference Weekend

LDS Church
I love conference weekend. As a little kid that meant we would stay home all day Saturday and Sunday and listen to talks on the radio. I loved it. I knew all the apostles by their voice.
My brothers and I would sit on the floor on Saturday and build with Lego's. On Sunday we would get to draw pictures and sit still. I liked that too.
Now, with satellite TV, I can sit at home for 2 days and enjoy listening to the church messages with my kids. I have found some fun things for them to do also. I thought I would pass the links on to you (and keep them for myself for future reference.) It is hard to keep little kids focused on the gospel messages when they are little. These activities help keep their attention.
  • Bingo Cards - My kids get to make these off as they hear these topics discussed. They get a treat when the session is over if they filled out their card.
  • Apostle and Prophet booklets - this is helping my youngest girls identify these people. As they speak or are mentioned in talks, my girls get to mark their pictures.
  • General Conference Session Notes - I am using this this my oldest son this year. It is helping him pay attention to what the speakers are saying. He has to write their name, their topic, and take notes on their message.

There are several other ideas here. I also let my kids to a special craft that weekend that we work on between sessions. They always look forward to this and plan it out for weeks in advance. This session we will be making some aprons and a jeans skirt or two. They are very excited. There will also be some serious knitting going on. I will post tutorials as they apply.

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Jeanne said...

As soon as my kids could read I would give them a paper with a list of church related words on it. They were to put a mark by it when ever they heard the word. It got them listening.

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