Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hen Day - Facials

I can't believe I didn't post this on Wed. I have been to apron possessed or obsessed to post anything I guess.
For hen day we went to Rebecca's for Mary Kay Facials.
Rebecca taught us several things.
Lesson #1 Prepare your face.
She told us that if we properly wash and moisturize our faces, that our foundation will sit better on our face.
As you can see here, JEB didn't pre-wash his face and his foundation is very obvious!
(I really did notice that the foundation didn't feel like a mask this time. I can't wear foundation because it makes me feel suffocated but this time it didn't feel that way.)

Lesson #2 Blend, Blend and Blend
Rebecca told us to blend away so we had a more natural look. JEB blended to the very best of his ability but it is hard to blend in purple on white skin.
Jill did a much better job.

Lesson #3 Play with your liner to get used to it and more comfortable in wearing it.
Well JEB took this lesson to heart and he played with the liner. He was most pleased with the results too and didn't want to put the mirrors away.

Lesson #4 Good skin requires proper nutrition.
Hawiian Haystacks
We knew that. You can't have a Hen Day without good eats.

This is a Hawaiian Haystack.
Here is the recipe.
  1. On your plate put some rice (brown is better for you)
  2. On that put some chicken gravy (we made this from scratch using chicken fat, flour and broth and plenty of cooked chicken) you could also use 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and some broth and plenty of cooked chicken.
  3. On this you pile your toppings which can include the following:
  • Diced tomatoes
  • green onions
  • green peppers
  • coconut
  • pineapple
  • Mandarin oranges
  • chow mien noodles
  • slivered almonds
  • grated cheese
  • (basically any chopped vegetables you like in salad)

I like to sprinkle soy sauce on top for added flavor (OK for added salt).

It was super delicious and really good for you.


Alphacyg said...

Oh, yeah check out my makeup-slapping-while-breastfeeding action! Multitask!

Lucy said...

I was quite proud of your breastfeeding-while-makup-slapping action! After hearing numerous pathetic excuses for not to Breastfeeding from people at work, I am always proud of my BF friends.

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