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Monday, October 01, 2007

October Apron Tutorial - Bandana Apron

I am so proud to be posting my October tutorial on the first of the month. Do ever expect it again. I have had this apron of sorts in my head for almost a month now and am so happy to be able to finally post it.
This is the fasted apron tutorial yet. It is for a double sided, half apron. It is cute, sturdy, and fun.

2 large bandannas in different colors.
Something for the ties - I used twill tape, but ribbon would be nice too. (remember, use what you have before going out to buy more, reduce, re-use, recycle)
(BTW the bandannas are a recycle, I use them on my head and to line my soap baskets and festivals.)

On with the tutorial ......
1. Get two bandannas.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 1

2. Line the bandannas up.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 2
Bandannas are irregular in size and you will have to shift them around to get them to fit at their best.

3. Square up the bandannas.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 3
This apron is a square so for it to look it's best, you will have to have a square to begin with. The size isn't that important, just make sure all the sides are equal and that the corners and square.

4. Cut off the top corner.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 4
This is the top of the apron now. I measured in about 10 1/2 inches from the top corner on each side to make a triangle.

5. Make some pockets.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 5
I took the leftover triangle, folded it in half, placed on old pocket pattern piece on it and cut out 4 picket pieces.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 6

6. Sew up the pockets.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 7
Sew around the pocket, leaving an opening to turn it.
Turn and press the pocket.
Top stitch the pocket top.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 8
Place them on the apron fronts,
Bandana Apron Tutorial 9
and stitch in place on each side of your apron.

7. Stitch the apron together.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 010
Lay the front and back of the apron right sides together.
The stitching is important, so pay attention.
Stitch across the top and stop.
Now come down about 1 1/2" from the top and stitch around the rest of the apron stopping about 1 1/2" from the top on the other side.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 011
(leave an opening for turning somewhere along there. I forgot to and it was a booger to turn.)

8. Add the ties.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 012
I thought this was rather clever. I wanted the ties to be inside the apron so that both sides could be the front.
Take your ties and thread them through the two holes you left at the top of your apron. Pin it in place.
Bandana Apron Tutorial 013
Now top stitch the top of the apron and all around the sides.
Then come back and sew a second line about 1/2" from the first on the top only to secure the ties in place so there won't be any shifting when you wash it.

Your done!
Bandana Apron Tutorial 015
Bandana Apron Tutorial 014


LJ said...

what a wonderful tutorial!!

angeliclenore said...

I love it! I almost bought 2 Halloween bandannas today, just so I could make this apron! But then I saw the price and put them back! But I will make this apron. Maybe after my vacation (3days)!

Craftybernie said...

What a great tutorial. Thank you! I haven't actually got any bandannas but I do have lots of fabric!!!

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