Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Pinkness

I realized that I have allowed the difficulties of life interfere with my blogging. This is my corner of happiness and fun. I need to post more.

My little Hannah turned 5 this month. I can't believe how time is flying. She starts kindergarten in a month. I don't know if I can bare to let her go. She is such a bundle of happiness.
My niece Angelic came here this summer and brought her (and her sisters) a tutu. Hannah wore it non-stop for 3 days. Bryan caught her wearing two of them the other day while I was at work. I was so happy he thought to take a picture.
Happy Pinkness

We also held our family reunion on her birthday. It was so great to visit with my brothers and sisters and their children again. I will post some pictures of that funness when I get my hands on some.
My niece Josie was able to come from Nigeria (too fun to see her!). She brought me a wonderful treat from the markets there.
Nigerian Apron
Not only is it a fabulous apron, but it is also blue, batik , and has a tree on it. All of my favorite things! (I don't know if that was Josie's intent but it was a happy coincidence.)

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angeliclenore said...

I am very happy he took a picture also!! AND happy she loves them so!

And... I will send you pictures!! They are still on the laptop. I have not been able to transfer them over (waiting on my husband and that always takes forever). But I promise they will come.

We had such a fun time there in MO. Thanks for letting us play. Tabitha (the pointy kitty) is enjoying it here in our home, but I think she does miss her home state just a bit!

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