Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Swapping Goodness

I have a lot to catch up on. This summer has just been too busy.
I participated in several swaps this summer and I am so late in posting my thanks for the goodness I have enjoyed.
First off is the fabric I received in the Fabric Scrap Swap hosted by Tracey. I have to say that I was more than spoiled by my two partners.
SS 2
I got this lovely package of "scraps" from Katy in England. Look at those little dolls. They are so much fun with such lovely ribbon on them. I love it! The fabric scraps are simply delicious too.

SS 1
I got this big bunch of lovelyness from Debye. I feel most spoiled!! This is full of the best of the best scraps. I have so many fun projects in mind right now. I keep getting both packages out and loving on them. They are too fun and I know that I was so spoiled to get them.
These two talented ladies also have wonderful Etsy stores that you should check out; C Berry Baby and I'm A Ginger Monkey.

Next I received a wonderful Fourth of July Apron from the Summer Flirty Apron Swap hosted by my friend Shawnee. I forgot my partners name and as soon as I remember it I will post it here so she get due credit for her wonderfulness.
SS 10
She sent me a box full of 4th of July goodies. It was so much fun to get so many fun things for myself.
SS 11
Thank you Partner!
Next I was involved in the Four Season's Quilt Swap - Summer Session. My partner was an early bird and I received my "Different Views of Summer" Quilt in the first week of the swap. It came right in the middle of my family reunion and went right up on the wall for all my sisters to see but didn't make it to the blog due to my faulty memory. So I am posting in now, very late.
SS 12
Isn't that just too much fun?!
Look at the little details here. She quilted all around each picture. It is so fun and bright and red. I love red.
SS 6
SS 5
My very talented partner was Lori-Lyn.
I also made a quilt for this swap.
SS 9
I made if from fabrics that I dyed and called it "Here Comes the Sun". It was a lot of fun to make. I loved the idea of it so much that I made one for myself from real vintage and contemporary prints I have in my scrap pile.
SS 4
I just need to finish it. (Right! Like that will happen!)
I also participated in the We The People swap hosted by Tracey. In that swap you get to vote on what the swap will be. We all made Totes. I was excited about that challenge. Here is the Tote I got from Marcel. It is so wonderful! I use it everyday now. It has a jillion pockets inside and out and was stuffed with wonderful stuff that I forgot to photograph. Thank you Marcel!!
SS 3
Finally I have already received my Apron for the Fall Sassy Apron Swap! My wonderful partner Leah made me a Snoopy Apron. How appropriate for Lucy to have a Peanuts apron. hee hee. I love it. It is so bright and fun and it doesn't have any naughty Lucyness on it. Thank you!
SS 8

SS 7


muralimanohar said... AND your partners have made out like bandits!! lol

val said...

You got some great goodies! I love Snoopy too. Remember Snoopy and Woodstock dressed up as pilgrims for Thanksgiving? too cute!

Shawnee said...

Wow, who's the spoiled girl?!? You picked up some nice booty!

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the pic of the two should be titled..."does this print make my butt look big?"
Came over from Mural manor after reading the 1930 sewing quote...can I steal it too? It is too great not to spread around.
PS I posted one about aprons you would like

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