Friday, August 15, 2008

One Left

Oh My Goodness.
I just checked out my
Sassy Apron Pattern box and there is only one left.
Someone ordered a dozen more of them and that all but wiped me out.
I don't know when I will be able to get another printing of them made. I hope it will be soon.
Soooo.... If you were thinking you would like to get one then now is your last chance.
Thank you to everyone that made this a success!
I would love to see pictures of you finished aprons!
Sorry this is sold out now.
If you missed out on this first edition pattern and would like get one let me know. If there is enough interest I will see if I can get a second printing done soon.


Matthew said...

So glad that I looked at this when I did. I was going to order this in two weeks for my b-day!

Matthew said...

this was kristi.

dot said...

Lucy, I received your package today. Thank-you very much. I love the quilt. It is so bright and cheery. Looks real good in my sewing room. Thank-you for all the goodies also. I love the soap. It smells so good. Thanks.

mama k said...

um. Not sure how I don't have a copy. I love your aprons so much! Maybe santa will bring me one. :)

DaiseyB said...

Sign me up for the next round when printed. I knew I should have ordered it last week.

Barbara Y

Anonymous said...

congrats on selling out! I've used the pattern for several aprons and they always turn out great!

Shawnee said...

Yeah Lucy -- Congratulations on selling out your first edition. I'm proud to own one! But, you forgot to autograph it!!

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