Friday, November 02, 2012


Day two of this challenge is SMILE.  I am grateful for the ability to smile.  I love that Happiness is a choice.  When you seek to find it on the outside, you never will truly find it.  It is a choice from the inside.  It may be one of the hardest choices for some and at some times but, it is still your choice.  No one can MAKE you be happy.  You get to chose it, and choosing it makes all the difference.
I stumbled across the writings of Louise Hay this year.  How I had never found them before, I do not know. But I love them.  It was through listening to her and reading her word that I learned just how powerful the choice of happiness is.  It has changed my life and I hope, the lives of those I love.  Go check it out yourself. You just might love it too.
I love this song "Smile", sung by Nat King Cole.  It sums up how I feel about smiling at it's best.  Life is always still worthwhile.

Here are some of my favorite people smiling.


Abbey Crafton said...

Great post! As someone who has suffered from depression since childhood, I struggle to make the choice daily. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration..
The Ladies at Crafton Abbey

Lucy said...

Thank you Darly. I had forgotten about this post. It was a nice reminder for myself on wintry, drab day of Spring.

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