Sunday, May 31, 2009

Muskogee Ren Fair Fun - Picture Heavy

We finally got to go to a Renaissance Fair. Muskogee Oklahoma is only 2 1/2 hours away from us so we were able to make that festival. It was worth the ride in the car with five kids and the fee to get in. We were able to go on Memorial day because we only get National holidays off. Lucky for us it was a Monday too. We had so much fun and decided that this would be our Memorial Day gig for a while.
Here are the obligatory Family photos.
Hobbits 2
Sorry you say cheese and these boys start hamming it up!
Sting gave him courage!
They had a children's land where it was totally kid oriented. They kids loved it!
They had a pony ride that the girls and bubby just loved.
Jeddie 1
Caroline 2
Jeddie 5
Just look at that face. He was in little boy heaven. I wish I could have heard what he was thinking. His eyes were so big all day with all the knights, pirates, and real armor everywhere.
Jeddie 2
The archery booth was a big hit too.
Sarah 3
Sarah 2
Man I wish my corset fit like that! She also had pretty good aim. I was impressed.
Jeddie 6
The bow string was so tight he couldn't pull it back so bubby decided to just chuck his arrow over the barrier at the target.
There were three times Joe lost his cool guy face; at the archery booth, at the armor shop, and at the knife shop. It was so funny watching him battling being 13 and being in such a groovy place.
Hannah 2
Isn't that a total Lucy Pevensie face?!? She was dangerous though because she would get distracted by us and turn to look and accidental let arrows fly in our direction. SCARY!
Jeddie 4
Bubby picked these up right after we got there. Everywhere we went he had to have them in his hands and would hold them up every time we passed a knight just to show he was one of them. It was so fun to watch his face. One of the shop owners just about died laughing watching him eye a knight's sword. His eyes were so big and his mouth was wide open. He had only seen things like this in movies. He was so thrilled to find out they were "REAL". Oh to be three again!
Hannah 3
The place was covered with beautiful ladies!
Even their dad got in on the fun. He actually enjoyed the "Nerd" Fest. Hmmmm.... Somehow going to Ren Fest wasn't as dump as someone had once thought. hee hee hee
I had a lot of fun too but lucky for us all I was behind the camera. It was bad enough that we saw pound of giggly flesh there that day. Mine was not necessary to see. :o)
I do have to give a plug for the best corset shop ever. Our friends Michelle and Jill were there all month with the Damsel in this Dress corset shop. Check them out. Their stuff is fabulous.


Judith said...

That seemed like super fun for all the family. Thanks for taking me with you I enjoyed your day.

sb said...

You have very good photos of the kids, They look like they could be in the movies, such a great experience for everyone!

Costura Magi'c said...

Las fotos son bonitas y divertidas; gracias por compartirlas con nosotros.
En mi blog hay un regalito para ti, pasate a recogerlo

Ruth said...

Beautiful family and it looks like everyone had a great time.

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