Saturday, May 05, 2007

Twirly Whirly Tie Dye Dresses

All 1 I did tie dye this week. I love to tie dye. I made up these 15 little dresses (12 mos to 4T) for fun this week. Kara asked me to make 2 new ones for my niece Emily because she wore her other one out. I also needed to make one for baby Claire so I just had fun making a bunch to choose from.
I considered doing a tutorial for these but that is really complicated and I just didn't have time this week. I also had to dye fabric for and sew up a quilt top to display at a local quilt store for a class I will be teaching there. If anyone is in the area and is interested, I am teaching Low Immersion Dying at The Country Store on I 44-Exit 18A- Outer Road West Carthage, Missouri.
The Class is $45 and that includes 10 fat quarters of fabric that you will dye in 10 colors, all the supplies, and a fun lesson in dyeing. If you are interested, e-mail me.
Enough of that !!
Here are some more pictures of the dresses.
D 1 D 4a D 5a
These are some of my favorites.
G 6
I can send you to the instructions I used to make these. I have made these in the past but this time I followed Rowena's instructions.
The dyeing is my own thing. I have been tie dyeing for about 20 years now and have come up with this method based on many trials and experiments. The colors in these dresses are bright but softened in the lines. To me it is an impression of little girls. The colors are almost dancing and twirling on their own.
I have put some of the dresses in my Etsy Shop. If you want to see more of them, go take a look.


Kelly said...

thanks for all your thoughts about getting into the Y. summer school is definitely a good option.

on a different note. I LOVE this dresses. I too have a fondness in my heart for tye-dying. In college I tye-dyed bed sheets, which we then cut up & quilted together. It ended up being quite cute. These days I'm all about tye-dying for the little tykes in my life. If your serious about the offer I'd love the instructions! just email me:


Andrea said...

Hey, are you on NMSL too? I love Rowena's instructions. :D

The dresses really are so cute, they make me want to make some for my baby girl. I tie-dyed a ton of diapers several weeks ago and when I told my mom about it she was like "that's 70's stuff... you were born in the wrong generation." lol. But I think it's coming back. :)

littleoldladyinashoe said...

I would have LOVED to come to your class if I was still in Joplin!
The dresses are too cute!

mama k said...

Impressive! I love to tie dye.

Em said...

I would love to have some instructions on how to really tie dye clothing, I did it once in girl scouts, then once again in my back yard - always ending up pretty lame. Too light for me... I would like to make some dresses for my daughter - it's her favorite! Please let me know if you have any instructions anywhere! Thanks! Emily

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