Saturday, March 15, 2008

For Amanda

This winter my niece Rebecca had me help her finish up some of Christmas sewing. Of course I helped because it was for her Fabulous sister Amanda.
I made her a Sassy Apron of her own. It is just like my Sassy Little Aprons but this one is larger just like the one I made for myself.
This apron is double sided so here is side A with Poison Dart Frogs for when Amanda is brewing up her favorite poison.
Amanda 2
And here is her other side which reminds me of Van Gough. This side only has 2 frogs for when Amanda feels much less poisonous.
Amanda 1
Yes, you can read a woman by her apron. hee hee


Anonymous said...

This is my apron and it is the best thing that I have in my kitchen. Everyone who comes over says Wow where did you get it!

val said...


Marylois said...

I know a young lady who loves frogs and would love this apron!

Jeanne said...

Yea and her name is Amanda!

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