Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Tree a
Every year for the last 30+ years my mom has made a hand made ornament for her family members. I was about 3 when she started making them. I remember all of them and helped make several of them when I was little. It is always a treat to see what she decides on and how she takes the idea and makes it her own.

This year she made felt horses adorned with sequins. They are quite marvelous.
Horse 5
The tree covered with them is really quite something. She wasn't going to put them up this year because she will be moving before Christmas so there wasn't going to be a tree at grandma's house for the first time ever. I am glad she gave it and let my little girls put them on for her.

Here are some more shots. Enjoy!
Horse 3
horse 2
horse 1
horse 4
Tree b
Merry Christmas


angeliclenore said...

YEEEP.... I can't wait!!! I guess I will have to put my tree up soon. Grandma these are fantastic, you out do yourself each and every year! THANKS!!!

Sweet P said...

How adorable! Your mom did a fantastic job on the tree.

Jill said...

Beautiful as usual! I wait every year to see what ornament your mom will be making.

kate the great said...

The tree looks fabulous! I can not wait to get the ornaments! Grandma you're amazing!

mama k said...

wow. I still remember the octopi. Those were my favs. :)

PS I bought one of the aprons from the auction! Can't wait to get it. :)

All the places you love said...

These horses remind me of some our grandmother B. got at the Worlds Fair in New York. The horses came from Sweden. Grandma B. was invited to the fair by the Swedish government because of her Viking map that she had painted.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lucy,

What beautiful blog, and you sent me a beautiful apron with fun goodies. I missed place your card along with my glasses, and this was the only contact I had for you. I just want to say Thank You, and would love to hear from you. I noticed you've sold your handmade wares and was hoping you could give me some tips. Thank you again for the joyous apron, I've already started wearing it.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

What a dork I am, I think your niece was my partner in The Sassy Apron Swap. My goodness I'm so confused. I need to find the card and my glasses.

jillytacy said...

The ornaments on the tree look great. What an amazing idea! I love it! How special to receive your handmade ornament each year. That's something I would look forward to each Christmas!
The gingerbread aprons are very cute too.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a precious gift........

futuregirl said...

Gorgeous! I'm a sucker for sequins, so these horses are especially cool. Lenore is something special. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, your dahla horses are adorable! My Oma used to make ornaments for the entire family each Christmas and put just the new ornaments all over the tree so we could pick our own. Seeing your tree with all the same ornament on it brought back some very sweet memories for me so thank you!
Happy new year!

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