Monday, December 01, 2008

Auction Items

Tomorrow is the first ending day for several of the Auction items for Sweet Baby Josephine. (BTW I got to hold and love and squeeze her for Thanksgiving with a mask on)

Here are some of my favorites that you can go check out. The bidding has been so much fun to watch and there have been some real surprises.

Auction j

Auction i
You can see more of these at Damsel In This Dress at Ebay.

Auction h
Auction g
Auction f
Auction e
Auction d
Auction c
Auction a
Auction b
Cabbage apron 3a
There is one large one and two small ones. You can put them together for a Mommy and Me set.
Mary Apron 3
Ugly Fabric Quilt 1
Aunt Betty
Sampler quilt 1
These quilts were all made by my mother. Some of them have been hand quilted as well. Several siblings and grand children have been bidding over them. It will be interesting to see who gets them.

1 comment:

Clara said...

We can always post that picture if you like, Lucy! You looked fabulous in a mask! :)

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