Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dyetorial - Tye Dye Tutorials

I love to Dye fabric, shirts, what ever. I would like to start sharing some of these techniques I have used over the last 20 years of dye sessions I have had with my family and friends.



I get my dye supplies from Dharma Trading Co. I trust them and have been getting my shirts, fabrics, dyes, and dye chemicals from them for well over 20 years. They are easy to work with and prompt in their shipping. They also have lots of helpful ideas.
If you have never dyed before I suggest you get yourself a starter kit, here. It has everything you need to get started and has step by step instructions for mixing and using your dyes. It is a very thorough and affordable way to get started.

What I use:
My favorite dye colors are
Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes
I recommend starting with the 4 basic colors. These are the pure colors from which all other colors are mixed.
They are:
Lemon Yellow
Fuchsia Red
Better Black
Later I will post a chart for mixing that I use and maybe it will help you too.

Chemicals you need:
Urea - makes water wetter so it goes into the fabric better and takes the dye with it.
Soda Ash - Dye Fixer - kills the dye and permanently bonds the color to the fibers of the fabric
Synthrapol - Dye suspender (?) It catches the used dye and gets it out of the wash when washing out the dyed shirts - this comes with a heave duty warning so please read before choosing to buy - I have used Dawn dish soap in a pinch and it works too but results may vary.

Mixing cups, spoons, etc...
Squirt bottles - I have found these to be a must and these here last for years
Top loading washing machine - front loaders don't have enough water - if you don't have one, find a friend that does and will let you use it, Make them a Shirt in return. :o)
Plastic sheeting to cover you work surface
GLOVES - A must for your hands. This stuff is messy and makes explanations in public less awkward.
Dust mask - a must when mixing the dye - you don't want that stuff up your nose, it isn't toxic but exposure can make you allergic and hey that would be tragic! No dye would make me a very sad girl and maybe you too.

Well I have to run off to Girl's Day out. I will start posting Dytorials tomorrow!


Kristi said...

Thanks for posting this. Mom (mary) bought me a starter kit. I am sooo excited for your advise!

floribunda... aka Julie said...

I love Dharma and I'm so happy I live close enough to go there in person! In addition to all the dyeing supplies, they have an amazing yarn store. Can't wait to see your tutorials...

Antiquarian said...

Fiber Reactives! You go girl! I did a lot of dye work when I worked in theater. Fun times...I'm sure I have a colorful liver as I never wore gloves. *laugh* Maybe you should ask Santa for a dye vat. Then you can dye HUGE amounts.

Lucy said...

Kristi - I hope these tutes help. :o)
Julie - You are one lucky girl. I have always wanted to "walk into" their shop. Yarn... Sigh. I am very happy though that you can order from them so easily.
Antiquarian - Dye vat.... That would be a lot of fun!

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