Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Meet Mortimer

I have a little turtle.... um I mean tortoise*.....

Tortoise 015

I NEEDED to make a tortoise the other day and so I did.
My little boy took off with him and named him Thomas. Thomas is his new snugly buddy at bed time and his run through the muck friend during the day. (Shout Hurray for Totally Washable toys!)

Then I had to make a smaller one. I wanted one to have in my sewing room. I NEEDED my own.
Tortoise 028
Meet Mortimer. He is a very quiet little friend and just the right size to sit on my self.
I couldn't then just make one so I made a couple of each and had some fun in the yard with them.

Tortoise 021
First Thomas found a friend. Her name is Tiffany.
Tortoise 025
Mortimer now has a sister named Matilda.

Tortoise 033 C
We have a whole little Tortoise family.

Tortoise 035
And they are off on the own grand adventures... maybe to meet the Hare family.

You can make Mortimer and his whole family yourself.
The new PDF pattern is available at my Etsy Shop.

Tortoise 025

1 comment:

GlowWorm said...

I made the pattern and it was so easy--even for me! Baby loves it too :)

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