Monday, February 07, 2011

My Own Towel

With a vain attempt at order..... we made some personalized towels this week. The theory is that if you have your OWN towel, then you will be responsible for it, not leave it on the floor (because Mom WILL know it is YOURS).
At any rate the kids love them and maybe that alone will help them to take care of them. I love new towels too. I let the kids pick out their towels which gave them some ownership in the project which is always a good thing. :o)

Towels tutorial

Here is the quick and dirty tutorial to personalized towels.

1- Print out (or draw) your initials. Very Fat, Chunky letters do a better job of showing up and showing off fun fabrics. Be sure to reverse the letters or they will end up backwards on the towels.
Aprons 005 (800x533)
2 - Trace the letter onto the paper side of "Lite Heat 'n Bond" (my fusible web product of choice).
Aprons 007 (800x534)
3 - Cut out around the letters, leaving a boarder of paper around the letter.
Aprons 011 (800x746)
4 - Iron the letter the back side of your fun fabric. (follow the fusible web instructions)
Aprons 013 (800x534)
5 - Cut out the letter on the lines and position it on the towel and iron in place (follow package instructions again).
Blizzard 2011 013 (800x484)
6 - Stitch around the letter using a zig-zag or satin stitch.

Blizzard 2011 014 (800x533)

7 - Add a tab for easy hanging (optional).

These make great party favors for kid's parties or birthday gifts. Use a picture like a crown, shield, car, cat, etc. and have a stack ready for spur of the moment birthday gifts for your kid's friends.


Alphacyg said...

In my experience, a ribbon loop is the only way kids will manage to actually hang up a towel. EVER. said...

Super cute and easy- I love it! Thanks for the instructions, I'll be linking.

creativejewishmom/sara said...

This is so smart and simple! I just found your blog via oneprettything and the snow tie dying, amazing! I'd love it if you'd drop by my linking party, Craft Schooling Sunday and share that plus more, my readers would love to meet you!
The party opens every Sunday thru about Thursday, plus you'll find tons of ideas of crafts to do with the kids in the Kid's crafts category. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Did you wash the towels before ironing and sewing?

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