Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hen Day - Laundry Closet

This weeks Prairie Hen Day was held at my house. After a lot of thought I decided to tackle my laundry closet. Jill was the only hen able to come so the two of us, and our trusty helpers, set out to tackle the closet.
Closet 1
I need storage!
Soooo..... We decided to build shelf for my closet. We learned some very important lessons along the way.

Lesson #1. Make a plan and assemble your tools.
Closet 2
We drew our plan; you need a top, bottom, sides, and shelves. Easy enough. With two brains there we made less mistakes with the math.
Can you see our "woman tool" we used ...... the rotary cutting ruler??!! Hee Hee. We couldn't find the proper tool and knew that one would work too. (we also learned that a table saw would have been a better tool for us to use than the circular saw, our cuts weren't exactly strait.)

Lesson #2. Make sure you have Good Help.
Closet 3
Jeddie was a big help. He used up all the battery power in the cordless drill so we were able to use our muscles and drive the screws in my hand. He did a good job of distressing the wood for us.

Lesson #3. Make sure you Good Help doesn't Bail on you.
Closet 4
Jeddie found some water and a bucket and "worked" very hard at "bailing out" his dad's wagon.

Lesson #4. Done is better than perfect!
Closet 5
The corners aren't square, the shelves might need a little support, but it is done, and most likely won't fall down.
Biggest Bonus, I didn't have to wait for someone to have the time to do it for me. We also had a lot of fun and nearly died laughing.

Lesson #5. Make sure everyone has a good time.
Closet 6
What could be more fun than power tools and fresh mud puddles?

I still need to add some casters to the shelf so I can roll it in and out of my closet. When I am done, I will post the finished project.

We also ate good food! Jill brought the fixings for some delicious chicken wraps, very tasty, and very carb friendly.
Chicken Wrap
I will post the recipe as soon as I get it from her.


Em said...

Lucy - I love the shelf! I can't wait to see it in place and finished. Reading this today made me laugh because it could easily have been my house! My son (15 months) is a great "helper" and when I saw that your little boy had used all of the battery power in the electric screwdriver, I just rolled on the floor! Really hilarious! Em

Lucy said...

Thanks! I have spent the day painint and putting things back together. I can't wait to finish and have a happy little closet.

Jeanne said...

So when are you coming to my home?

angeliclenore said...

Next time you should call me! ;) I have a table saw, etc! I would be happy to share!!! Sorry, just being silly.

I love power tools! They are starting to sell more and more of them pink for us "crafty" women.

Way to go! I want to see a picture of the finished product in use!

Kathie said...

OK Angelic! What is it going to take to start a “Hen Day” here?

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