Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sexy Apron Day is Open for Business


Sexy Apron Day is finally up and functional as my new Etsy Store.
My new Banner was made by the very talented Deanna at Domestic Chicky Designs.
What is Sexy Apron Day?
Have you ever had one of those days when you just needed something extra to get up and do what had to be done? or one of those days when you are feeling spicy and sassy and need something to express it?

Sexy Apron Day aprons are short and sweet and sassy. Some are also are soft and sweet and sugary. They express your mood and give you a lift when doing the things you have to get done around your house.
Your apron is your uniform you wear when you serve and protect your family (what ever size that is from 1 to 20). Why not make a statement about your personality with it.

Our apron right now is my own design based on antique aprons I have had in the past. This apron is double sided. This offers you two sides of expression and and emergency clean apron. My friend also pointed out that they often off a flour side and a tomato paste side for the messy cook. :o)
All the aprons right now also come with a ruffle. This is just a necessity for a Sexy Apron Day apron. A bit of frill always makes me happy. :o) I find myself grinning to myself and I go around my house wearing mine. An instant pick-me-up.

I just bought several new fabrics and as I have time will be posting the new aprons.
Go check them out!
Sexy Apron 3-CSexy Apron 3-B

Sexy Apron 2-CSexy Apron 2-A


The Snow Family said...

I love them! I need to get me one! I love your blog, always has amazing things posted.

Lucy said...

Thanks! :o) It is fun to see friends and family come here.

Anonymous said...

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Bramble said...

Will you be posting a tutorial for this pattern? I have the perfect fabric for it!

Anonymous said...

They are absoutely wonderful. I've been looking for a pattern or tutorial for this kind of apron because I know lots of people who would love a gift like this. Don't suppose you'll be doing that anytime soon?

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