Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Sassy Summer Apron Attempt

Ok I am just squeaking in here with my Summer Sassy Apron for the Swap. It was a bit of a challenge and of course I couldn't just buy a pattern and make an apron. I and to try designing things and that always has fudge factor and I didn't make a muslin mock up this time. (like I ever do).

Summer Sassy Apron From Lucy B

I had to have something that screamed summer and my partner likes bright colours (hint) and wanted something modern in the fabric. (I used a new line - to me at least).

Summer Sassy Apron Back from Lucy B

Sorry but my little lady doesn't have a back so the picture is a little lumpy. I made bias trim out of the yellow to go around the back, pockets, and hem. The ties are short and should reach around my skinny partner.

I posted it at the post office today with global priority (hint) so if you life out of the US and you haven't got your package and you are skinny and like bright colours, this apron just might be yours. Hee Hee.
I hope my partner likes it and that it fits. It is very hard for Chubby Chikas to make things to fit the skinny chickens.


Paige said...

Very cute! I like the "full coverage" of this apron -- since most of my splatters seem to be up high (Murphy and his Law are good friends of mine).

Marylois said...

It definitely says summer! It also says Hawaiian Summer! Very nice.

Danetta said...

Very nice and very clever with the hints.

Mine is going out today.

jillytacy said...

Very cute! I like the bright colors! We know that you're super creative and we look forward to your latest apron creations. Another great apron!

val said...

Oh....I fit the bill ALMOST.......too bad for me! Your partner will love it!

sarahross said...


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