Friday, May 16, 2008

Swapping Goodness!

I got really lucky this week with some pretty sweet swapping goodness.
First off, I got my quilt from the Four Season's Quilt Swap.
I was so surprised. I had been so worried about sending mine off that I forgot that I was getting one too.
Bryan is my mailman too and brought me a package from the post office and asked what in the heck I had ordered for Australia and did I know what the postage was on things from AU. I about died because I am usually very careful about where I order things from ebay and etsy but occasionally I will get carried away with the item I want and forget to check the shipping. (you know apron bidders can go a bit nuts sometimes.)
I opened the package and found this lovely quilt and about peed my pants!!
It is from Helen of Patch Work of Mini Grey.
It is so fantastic!
Spring Quilt from Helen
It has multiple layers and fabrics. The workmanship is simply wonderful. It is all Wonky and I LOVE that! The colors are so bright they just dance off the quilt. The flower and stem parts are made from string pieced bits. I love it!
Spring Quilt from Helen detail
Yes I am spoiled!


I got my Summer Sassy Apron Swap Apron early. The aprons aren't due till June 1st. My partner gets a gold star! My partner was Paige from Paige's Page
The theme was summer and she took that plus my list of favorite things and came up with this.

Sassy Apron swap from paige 3

Chickens, yellow, red, black polka dots, what's not to love!

Here is the back detail.
Sassy Apron Swap from paige 2
Also too stinking cute.
Then to top it off she finished the rest of requirements with style.
Sassy Apron Swap From Paige 1
A chicken dishtowel and a sassy summer drink recipe (no alcohol thank you). To top it all off she made me a pair of chicken book ends. They are so darling. I will have to put them in my kitchen when I finish it. It will be so fun! I might just have to do a chicken kitchen.
Thank you Paige and Helen!!


Paige said...

Wow. That quilt is AMAZING. Maybe when I grow up I will learn to quilt like that... And thanks again for the nice compliments on the apron! I'm glad you like it. :)

greetingarts said...

Oh my goodness, what pretty things! No, pretty doesn't even begin to do them justice. Gorgeous, and you are so deserving of them. Enjoy, and I vote for the chicken kitchen!

muralimanohar said...

Well, *I* know what shipping from Australia is like cause I just paid through the nose today to send my latest bag over to Pennsylvania...yikes! lol

You totally lucked out in the swap department!! So NICE!!

Sequana said...

I just LOVE that fabric and have been coveting it for ages. Now I know I have to get some. *S*

If anyone deserves lots of good extras, you do.......

CathyJean said...

I LOVE the chickens!!! Way to cute! and the quilt is beautiful!!
Wow! what a great day. I'm happy for you, Lucy! You deserve it.

(hey, I was excited to see you onion tutitoral on Tip!!)

Louise said...

Now that's inspiring! I love the quilt - so bright and I too love its' wonkiness. The apron is absolutely gorgeous - I just love it. How sweet is the little collar and back - stunning. Lucky girl! I shall get on with mine immediatly.

heidi said...

Wow! What a great mail day! Both of your swaps are lovely! I got your quilt this week and LOVE it! I posed a longer comment on your earlier post about the quilt. Thank you so much! It's hanging up in my crafting room giving me oodles of inspiration. You're work is great!

Yarni Gras! said...

I bet you hugged your mailman! What a nice batch of goodies!

Michelle said...

What an adorable apron, and the matching goodies are great, too.

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