Monday, October 13, 2008

Farm Girl Fest 2008

A week ago my friend Vea and I ran off to Carthage MO with our girls and participated in the First Annual Farm Girl Fest at Red Oaks 2.
We had so much fun.
Red Oaks is a vintage farm/village that the artist Lowell Davis has recreated in Carthage MO.

We shared a craft booth together.

Vea sold Rag Rug Looms that her husband Brent built. They are fabulous.
She also had quilts and other crafts.
red oak 005
I have it from a good source that these looms and instructions will be going on sell at Etsy soon. There might even be a featured giveaway here too.

I had my modge podge of crafts. I mostly sold my soap. I also whipped up some of my Zina B dresses and had them displayed there.
red oak 023

I have a few extra left that I just might put in my Etsy Shop. We will see.

Our girls had a fun day as well enjoying the other crafters, listening to great folk music, riding the free hay ride many times, and just playing at the festival.
red oak 010
They hay ride was pretty fun and a great way to see the whole farm.

red oak 003
Here they are discussing their next plan for the day.

Here are some fun shots of the Festival and the fun at Red Oaks 2.

red oak 011
This guy did a wonderful job of making sore every visitor was greeted with a big smile.

red oak 008
This vintage gas station was to die for. I love the colors!

red oak 012
I love this bright little farm house. I love color.

red oak 027
This couple was so welcoming. hee hee

red oak 024
This is the kind of tree that I think I could grow in my yard. I don't think the goats could kill this one.

red oak 029
I understand that Mr Davis rents and even sells some of these homes. This one is so lovely.

red oak 030
I will have to give this a try. I have always wanted a garden gate covered with vines.

red oak 021
I think that the Byrd house also needs one of these in the yard. What do you think?

I got to use Vea's Camera thanks to Brent. I forgot and left mine home of course. They still had lovely flowers growing in the gardens there.
red oak 016
red oak 015

I can't wait for the Second Annual Farm Girl Fest in Carthage MO.


Rebecca Lesue said...

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!!! I know why Jill wants the red dress. I am desperate to come visit your house and see the other ones.

Looking at your pictures, I suddenly realized that I have been to Red Oak before. I went there on a date (yikes) when I was in high school. Toby, Toby's Uncle Tom, and Ann Carter were also on that date. (double yikes) Actually it was a pretty fun day. But I'd like to go now with my better appreciation for things folk art

Julie said...

Wow, that looks like a great day out. I love the red dress, the bottle tree and the bird houses. My brother made me a bird house, I've forwarded a link to yu blog to let him know I need just a couple more. He he he.

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures! It's like I was there! But not on a date.


cc said...

What a fun place to go. I would love to see it....and the loomed rag rugs. I make crocheted rag rugs, but have never tried to make one on a loom.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a wonderful day....I love the photos you took!

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