Monday, March 30, 2009

Fintess Challenge

Ok so it is now the end of March. What happened to my New Years resolution to lose 30 pounds by now?? What ever!
Well my friend Shawnee told me about the fitness challenge over at Abby's A Feathered Nest. She has started a Fitness challenge instead of an Apron Swap. What a fabulous idea. :o) I would love to drop those 30+ pounds so I could wear the new apron patterns I have just cooked up without having to size MY OWN patterns up to fit ME. I just made the cutest blue apron from my Tea for Two apron swap partner and I doesn't fit me! Sad days! I have to adjust the pattern to make myself one. Anyway, if you are interested in playing in Abby's Challenge, she is still taking entrants. You just don't get as much time as the rest of us. :o) Go to her blog and check it out. $$ is involved. Winner takes all.

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Marylois said...

I really need help there to!

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