Monday, March 30, 2009

Gock's Frocks Giveaway

Gocks Frocks

If you don't know about Gock's Frocks you have been missing out!!! Kristen of Gock's Frocks is a very talented clothing designer. She artfully uses the many bold and beautiful fabrics available now to create unique children's clothing (and now adult skirts too!). My friends Vea, Jill and Michelle put me onto her site months ago. Her dresses inspired the gifts I made for my three girls this Christmas. Her color use is so exciting.

Anyway she is having a give away open now to April 13th. She will pick three lucky winners. :o) So run on over there and check out her blog and her two etsy shops,
Gock's Frocks and Betty's Closet.


Maria del Pilar said...

First of all I congratulate you on the blog, "is beautiful and I love all the things you do.
Perdiros I also apologize if my English is not very good, I'm Spanish and I have little knowledge of the language so I use the translator.

Un abrazo

(Costura Magi'c)

Lucy said...

Gracias! Hablo un poco de Espanol y intiendo much mas que hablo y much mas que puedo escribir. Pues muchos gracias por venir aqui y you fui a su blog y yo fui muy enchantada con sus creasiones. :o)

Maria del Pilar said...

Hola Lucy. Me alegro te haya gustado mi blog, aún le faltan cosas pero poco a poco.
Es genial que entiendas el español y lo hables aunque sea poco, así será más fácil por aquí por que yo con el inglés fatal.
Un abrazo

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