Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have been a member of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap for 5 rounds now and have loved it every time. I get so excited about the theme she picks and some up with a dozen or more quilts in my head. Then I get my partner's preferences and my mind goes blank. That happens to me with every apron swap too but I digress.
This round we had to do a monochromatic quilt in the color your partner chose and based on the season they picked. You also had to take into consideration their style preference. That got tricky. I was so excited about this theme and then got hung up with the season thing. It kept pointing me toward something representational. Her color was yellow, her season was summer and her style was NOT whimsical which means (in my mind) cutesy country stuff. Not my thing either so we were good there. Well the summer theme kept me trying to make a picture but to do that you need plenty of contrasts and that is hard to do with one color at least for me it is. So in the end I went with abstract squares, lemons and yellow black and white.
Lemons FSQS5
I am not much of a quilter but I really enjoyed this one and wished that I had made one for myself. I usually make two and sent the better one but I was out of time so I just made the one and hoped for the best.
You should go to the FSQS site and check out their flickr group. There are some fantastic quilts in it. Totally fabulous!


Marylois said...

great quilt! Summer is all about lemonade!

Nicki Parker said...

I LOVE THIS QUILT!! Great job's so original!

Lucy said...

Thank you! I had fun making it.

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