Thursday, July 23, 2009


A young lady came into our lives this afternoon
Adeliza 005
with a hand full of luck,
Adeliza 006
a heart full of hope,
Adeliza 004
flaming red hair, and a tiny smile.
Adeliza 001
Miss Adeliza totally and completely won our hearts.
She came with real linen pantaloons,
Adeliza 008
and with her apron
Adeliza 012
ready to lend a helping hand and get the work done.
It didn't take long before our tall dark and handsome friend noticed her.
Adeliza 010
Who can resist a handlebar mustache.
Adeliza 019
He dismounted long enough to make her acquaintance and then rode off into the sunset with his trusty steed.
Will he come visit again?
Her little heart flutters.

(Yes I have finished one more UFO!)


Marylois said...

Pretty cute little story. Will Adeliza's mistress allow her to continue the acquaintance should the tall, dark and handsome friend renew his addresses to her?

Lucy said...

I think Ol' JEB's master might have to watch out or some GIRL is going to take off with his "DOLL".

Yarni Gras! said...

cute, cute cute! The story is awesome!

Kat S. said...

Your dolls and this little story are precious! Thanks for making me chuckle!

Nicki Parker said...

Lucy, your dolls are wonderful!!Is that your own pattern?
It's been at least 25 years since I attempted making any kind of doll but I'm going to dig through all my old patterns tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration.....

Lucy said...

I actually used a pattern a bought a few years ago. The clothes were all mine though. It is too much fun making dolls, especially when little faces keep peeking into the room to see what you are doing.

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