Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rescued Orphan Blocks

Orphan Bags 002
I have been "Rescuing" Orphaned quilt blocks and vintage fabrics for several years now from all over South West Missouri. I have to say I have a pretty descent collection now. I love seeing quilt blocks made by other women. It is interesting to see the ones that don't make the cut and end up in odd boxes and drawers because they just don't fit in. Some of these blocks are odd sizes, not square, won't lay flat, made with odd color combinations, have glaring mistakes, or are damaged in some way. I love the snap shot of human nature captured in their tiny stitches. I believe that these blocks should all be given a life and should be enjoyed. I have taken several orphaned blocks that I have found and even made myself and given them a home and a purpose in quited Handbags. Here are some of the bag collections I have finished.
Orphan Bags 053
These are made from vintage blocks and my collection of vintage fabrics. These fabrics date from the 1930's feed sacks to 1960's wild, bright, prints.
Orphan Bags 064
These are made from my hand dyed fabrics and some orphan blocks of my own that just didn't make it into a finished project.
Orphan Bags 116
These are a set of five chicken blocks that I made last year but never worked into a project. They are sashed and backed with fabrics from my 20 year stash of homespun fabrics gathered from many of my favorite quilt shops.
Orphan Bags 121
Bag backs.
Orphan Bags 149
This set was made from a couple of vintage table cloths in need of rescue and re-purpose. They are lined with 1930's reproduction fabrics.

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I love these wild fabrics. The colors and patterns are fabulous!
Orphan Bags 023
**Sorry this one is Sold**
This poor block is made from lovely fabrics but the poor thing just wouldn't lay flat and didn't have a single straight edge. I love the prints I had to mix with it.
You can find these bags at my Etsy Shop


traci said...

Those are all so beautiful. What a great way to use up the blocks. I have several, plus some vintage table clothes and this has inspired me to start making some of my own.

Judith said...

Oh these bags are lovely. I rescue things aswell. got a pile of things that need putting to good use.

Ruth said...

I love all of these wonderful bags. They are so beautiful. What a great job.


Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

What a fun blog you have. Great crafts, recipes and photos as well as fun music.

Julie said...

Fabulous bags who would know they were orphans.

kawaii crafter said...

Oh, all of the bags are just gorgeous. What a great way to use all those orphan quilt blocks. What are you doing with all the bags if you don't mind me asking? Are you selling them or will they be used for Christmas gifts? Just curious :)

kawaii crafter said...

Sorry, never mind my last question, I saw them in your Etsy shop.

Marylois said...

I just rescued a whole bunch of Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks if you can call them blocks. I'm making them into a small quilt.

bellaluna said...

your quilted bags are lovely...so glad you rescued those orphaned quilts :)

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