Thursday, April 01, 2010

Canned Turkey

Canned turkey
Looks kinda like some really odd science lab specimen doesn't it?! I have to tell you the truth, that I had a hard time using home canned meat the first time I canned some. However, when I finally did try it, I was blown away by the flavor and the quality. It was wonderful. My kids prefer home canned turkey or chicken to tuna any day. We use it in casseroles, sandwiches, meat pies and pasties. We love it!
When I get a screaming deal on meat I try to snatch up as much as I can and then can it. Winter and Spring are the best times to do the meat because it is cold outside and you aren't going to kill yourself with the heat of the pressure canner.
To can mean you HAVE TO use a pressure canner. Steam and water canning isn't safe.
What I do to can meat is .... cut it from the bone if there is a bone, and cube the meat. Then I pack it raw into clean pint or quart jars. Then I add salt, 1 teaspoon per quart and 1/2 teaspoon per pint. I do not add any liquid. Then I add new lids and rings and pressure can it according to the weight and time for the canner I have. Each type of canner is a little different and you have to check out the instructions for your canner. I have the rocker kind and love it.
You can also pre cook your meat. I wasn't sure about that at first but learned that if you pre cook your meat even for a few minutes. This keeps the meat from shrinking while you are pressure canning it. This is great but when you are canning 100+ pounds of meat at a time, time is the key and I don't have time to pre-cook the meat. When you pre-cook the meat you do have to add liquid. The liquid you see in these jars is just the natural juices from the meat. It is like liquid gold in your recipes.
If you haven't given canning meat a try, you should. It is a wonderful addition to your home storage pantry and a way to control what is in the food your family is eating. This week I was able to put up 63 pints and 19 quarts of turkey breast. I am so thrilled to have this in my pantry again. We have sorely missed it. My old children were pretty excited to see it. They remember it from when they were really little. I actually had 2 pints that didn't seal and they were pretty happy to make "turkey fish" sandwiches with it.


Anonymous said...

Very timely post, as I'm pulling out the canners to make jam from the stuff still in the freezer in order to defrost it. I'd wondered about canning meat/fresh fish, and this was very helpful.

Lisa A.

Em said...

I would love to try this - there was just a great deal on chicken thighs yesterday at the store. I wish I was experienced using my pressure cooker/canner. I've never used it, but my parents gave it to me last year. I'm just not sure I have all of the parts!

angeliclenore said...

I LOVE canned chicken! It's true, the taste & quality FAR surpasses the store bought stuff. It looks SO gross, but tastes SO good!!

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